My statement to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission

April 6, 2010


By way of introduction

My Name is Frieda Berryhill, I as an intervener when Delmarva Power and light proposed to build another Nuclear complex across the river from Salem. Summit 1 and 2  were ordered in 1971 and cancelled in 1975.


I was here last November in the matter of relicensing Salem 1 and 2 and Hope Creek 1 for another 20 years. My main objection was that Salem and Hope Creek should have never been built due to the fact that  Artificial Island was created from dredge spoils from the Delaware River and that borings down to 100 ft reveal no rock bottom . The whole complex  sits on cement pilings 70 ft deep.( attended the original hearings . Liquefaction incase of an earthquake was discussed but dismissed.)

Mr.Charles  H. Eccleston . NRC ‘s Environmental Project Manager  seemed very sympathetic. He asked me to submit to him all the documents I have. Pictures of 10 story buildings, toppled , due to liquefaction with the pilings still attached .

After all these years, finally I thought somebody cares . I was wrong.

I still remember the huge cracks which appeared  in one of the containment buildings, as they kept “settling” into the mud. The cracks were patched up and operation began.

Gentlemen, in spite of these hearings I have no doubt   that license extension will be granted , as none were refused so far, Public Participation had no effect.


In your notice, pertaining to these hearings  you say : “ In 2009 you devoted approximately  6,000 hours to inspection of the Salem  facility. With respect to Hope Creek 5.000 hours.  You also state “ We believe that providing  the  public with an opportunity to not only learn about these results first hand to communicate with us on our determinations  is an integral of the process.

Yet in my 40 yeas of participation I have merely been tolerated.


Keeping the plants safe, you say ?

I know of the many hours  required and the rigorous training  your guards have to go through. Yet, how good is it when we find them sleeping on the job  as was the case at Peach Bottom.


Yes I have the video !


Your utilization of color coded inspection findings and performance indicators are of little use  when passenger plans descending  for landing in Philadelphia can look right into Hope Creeks cooling tower.


Yes I have the video

With the pilots landing instruction clearly audible


How well can you protect the plant from terrorists when you and your subcontractors  hire them  ?

Sharif Mobley managed to work at Salem, Peach Bottom Limerick and other plants.

Mobley was not an insignificant laborer. When caught in Yemen he managed to

Get hold of his guards gun and shot him dead.

Not that it matters, anyone in the world can access any nuclear power plant and examine its layout, capacity factor  and whatever else they would like to know.

Yes, I have the video !


With new loan guaranties coming from this administration  there is a new euphoria  in the land . A “nuclear renaissance “ they call it.


Yet I remember another such euphoric time .

I have in my possession  a list,  of 128 nuclear power plants ordered from the late 70.s to 1985 . All cancelled after the TMI accident . Since many of them were in the various stages of Site preparations  and

construction  there is no telling how many Billions of Dollars this euphoria cost the consumer and taxpayer .


I have no recollection of power outages or black outs  due to lack of power during these 30 years.


End of testimony .


At this point Mr. Arthur L Burrit. Went into a very long speech , assuring me that NRC  DID hear my concerns, that an extensive study was conducted on the basis of my concerns etc. etc. but that the plant is deemed to be operating safely.


Salem County’s  “Sunbeam” coverage of the hearings attached


Please note :  

As the SUNBEAM reports:

PUBLIC PARTICIPATION consisted of 2 people, both from Delaware !!! One Gentleman who spoke only for a moment, I assumed was with the company and is not mentioned in the Sunbeam .

Thanks to Mr. Schneider for his participation.