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Thanks to the nearly 100 people who came out on a workday to commemorate
the 15th anniversary of the Chernobyl accident and to keep the UNPLUG
Salem Campaign's momentum going strong! Special thanks to those who
traveled two hours and more to be there!

Thanks to all the speakers, and thanks to Bernie August for agreeing not
to speak to shorten the program. Thanks to Dennis Donnelly and the
Eco-Chorale who both drove a long way to provide us music. Thanks to Bob
Nape for providing the solar power and to Tim Lewis for bringing it.
Thanks to Tony Totah for the use of his truck and for bringing the great
fish props.

Thanks to the Sunbeam/Gloucester Co Times/Bridgeton Evening News,  the
Courier Post, and the University of Delaware's newspaper for covering
the event, and to WDEL for promoting it.

Thanks to the LAC police for their cooperation.

Norm Cohen
Coordinator, UNPLUG Salem Campaign


1.jpg (49275 bytes)   Jim Riccio's Speech

   Frieda Berryhill's Speech

4.jpg (46901 bytes)    Jane Nogaki's speech


6.jpg (46145 bytes)Dr. Judith Johnsrud



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