Reactor Event Number: 41028

Facility: SALEM Region: 1 State: NJ Unit: [ ] [2] [ ] RX Type: [1] W-4-LP,[2] W-4-LP NRC Notified By: M. STRAUBMULLER HQ OPS Officer: JOHN MacKINNON Notification Date: 09/09/2004 Notification Time: 03:20 [ET] Event Date: 09/09/2004 Event Time: 01:06 [EDT] Last Update Date: 09/09/2004

Emergency Class: NON EMERGENCY 10 CFR Section: 50.72(b)(2)(iv)(B) - RPS ACTUATION - CRITICAL Person (Organization): HAROLD GRAY (R1) Unit SCRAM Code RX CRIT Initial PWR Initial RX Mode Current PWR Current RX Mode 2 A/R Y 100 Power Operation 0 Hot Standby

Event Text TURBINE TRIP/REACTOR TRIP "Salem Unit 2 experienced a Turbine Trip > P-9 which initiated a Reactor Trip.

All rods fully inserted. Aux Feedwater auto start initiated on steam generator low-low level.

 The cause of the turbine trip is Generator Diff [Differential Current] or Loss of Field.

Decay heat removal is via the steam dumps to the main condenser.

All safety related systems are available and functioned as designed.

 The 500 KV breaker 2-10 was cleared and tagged prior to the trip.

Upon the turbine/reactor trip, the 500KV breakers 1-9 and 9-10 opened as designed.

Due to the 2-10, 1-9, 9-10 breakers being opened, the 500 KV transmission line 5037 is de-energized.

Two offsite power sources are available and all 3 Emergency Diesel Generators are operable.

The 5037 line will be energized following restoration from scheduled maintenance. There were no personnel injuries."

 The licensee stated that the NRC resident inspector and the local township were notified.