Nuclear Waste , the Elephant in the room.



Senator details the dangers of shipping nuclear waste through Nevada

……..Yucca Mountain is not in Nevada’s interest, it is not in the public interest, and it is not in the country’s interest.  Neither is the Caliente rail line that is being proposed exclusively to bring nuclear waste to dump in Nevada.  That is why I have long worked to stop Yucca Mountain, and I am virtually certain that the project’s end is near.
This is the wrong time, and the STB is the wrong entity to approve 300 miles of new rail construction through Nevada for the Yucca Mountain project……………Building a rail line for nuclear waste in Nevada will also have far reaching impacts on the national rail system that will impact the security and safety of millions of Americans  


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Not deterred by Yucca Mountains questionable future, we find the following:

Tuesday, December 9, 2008 

Secretary Bodman Provides Report to the President and the Congress on the Need for a Second Repository for Spent Nuclear Fuel and High-Level Radioactive Waste

“Unless Congress raises or eliminates the current statutory capacity limit of 70,000 metric tons of heavy metal, a second repository will be needed,” Secretary Bodman said. "The statutory limit is not based on any technical considerations, and the repository layout at Yucca Mountain can be expanded to accommodate three times the amount of fuel allowed under the current arbitrary cap." …..This in spite of the persisting technical problems and massive local opposition , not to mention  the  projected cost of $96.2 Billion in 07 Dollars and rising yearly.


France is being viewed  as the  Expert on nuclear power, the waste problem is never mentioned, France  does not have a geological repository for high level nuclear waste.  Actually , no such repository exists anywhere in the world.


So, here we are Spain is negotiating with the United States to take their nuclear waste, France is negotiating with Russia and the rest of the nuclear states seem to just plod along until…what?

Of course it can all be done by offering extraordinary amounts of money. Which of course throws the myth that nuclear power is cheep and clean  right out of the water.