THOUGHT YOU MIGHT Want to read this letter  from a New Jersey resident to his Governor ! I usually make my mails shorter , but this letter seams to , almost, make my computer steam.





Dear Governor Christie


Noting the earthquake disaster in Haiti, remember that the Salem I, Salem II and the Hope Creek nuclear plants are in a NJ earthquake prone region.   A NJ earthquake last year came from a fault that had a tremor.  It was a small one, but experts think that a big one is due.  A biggie could happen in a 100 years or it could happen tomorrow.  New Jersey is threatened by these nukes. (same as Delaware F)


These nukes have been poorly managed and maintained. They are extremely vulnerable to terrorist attacks. The corrupt Nuclear Regulatory Commission has ignored real vulnerabilities.  No nuclear plant has been built to withstand a direct attack by a jumbo jet aircraft. 


Spent fuel cooling pools contain much more radioactivity than the nuclear plants.  They have roofs, which are not built to withstand an aggressive attack from the air.   An attack on a spent fuel cooling pool can cause a disaster worse than the Chernobyl nuke disaster in the Soviet Union.  Decades after that disaster, ghastly birth defects were shown in the documentary movie “Chernobyl Heart” and it was stated that fewer than one in five children are healthy. 


There are no fly zones over Disneyland and Disney World.  However no fly zones over nukes were ruled out.  Mickey Mouse is protected better than nukes.   (I sent this video once, thought I would insert it for you here  F) read on



PSE&G wants to operate the Salem plants for 20 years longer than their design life.  Radioactivity weakens structures, exposing us to reckless endangerment.  They can cause a multi-billion dollar disaster.


The Price Anderson Act limits the liability of a nuclear disaster to a microscopic fraction of the damage, which can result. This fixes it so that New Jerseyans would be lucky to be reimbursed only a few cents on the dollar after a nuke disaster. 


New Jeryseyans could go bankrupt instead of the utility.  That was the whole purpose of the federal Price Anderson Act.   Nuclear promoters are happy to collect salaries and bailouts, sticking us with the risk.  They are pushing a nuclear “renaissance”.  Due to high cost, not a single new nuke will be built without multi-billion dollar bailouts.  These bailouts can exceed the bailouts given to banks that caused our economic disaster. 



Poisons from Salem I, Salem II, and Hope Creek can be blown hundreds or even thousands of miles, despite the ridiculous NRC rule that calls for a mere ten-mile evacuation zone.  Not only does PSE&G want operate the Salem plants 20 years longer than their design life, but they want to put a fourth nuke on the same earthquake prone spot, on Artificial Island.  It is called Artificial Island because it was made with filled-in land in the Delaware River.  Such land will liquefy in the event of an earthquake.  This happened in China, when a building toppled over.  I can send you the picture of a toppled building.  That building had pilings like the pilings the Salem plants have.  The pilings didn’t help the toppled building.


In Japan, the Kashiwa-Kariwa nuclear plant released radioactive poison and killed people due to an earthquake. 


We have built or planned at least 10 nuclear facilities in earthquake prone regions.  These are listed in my book “Asleep at the Geiger Counter”.  The arrogance of it all is almost unbelievable.  Believe it!



The Oyster Creek nuke poses another significant threat to New Jersey. 

As cited by Dennis Zannoni, formerly the Chief Engineer for the NJ Department of Environmental Protection, Bureau of Nuclear Engineering, the NRC gave Oyster Creek its highest rating when it was the worst plant in the country.  Dennis was removed from his position for his opposition to the relicensing of Oyster Creek.  In the crusade to fight NJ corruption, he should be reinstated to his former position.  I recommend you have a chat with him regarding why it was outrageously reckless to relicense the old and crumbling Oyster Creek Nuke to operate 20 years longer than its design life.  


You are affected, along with other New Jerseyans. How do YOU like being worth less than a few cents on the dollar?  Are you patriotic? Do you have but one life to give to a utility? 



Do your stuff to cut out this stupidity, this injustice, and this corruption.





Sidney J. Goodman, P.E., M.S.M.E.

Professional Engineer, NJ license 15326

Author of “Asleep at the Geiger Counter” published by Blue Dolphin Publishing Inc.