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Federal Court Finds Massive Power Plant Fish Kills Illegal
EPA faulted for placing power plant profits over public trust

NEW YORK, NY – A three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit ruled yesterday that EPA cannot allow power plants to kill a trillion fish per year through their cooling water intakes. Cooling water intakes gulp in billions of gallons of river, lake and coastal water to cool power plant machinery. Along with the water, these intakes devour countless fish and fish larvae, devastating fish populations across the country. …“For three decades PSE&G has been getting away with murder at its Salem Nuclear Generating Station – needlessly killing three billion Delaware River fish a year. This year, when New Jersey issues a renewed permit to PSE&G, they will be forced to stop the fish slaughter and to comply with the law. It is rewarding to have a court finally tell industry, EPA and the states that our environment and our communities must come first.”

Of course, as you know there are many other problems with Salem and Hope Creek, namely the soil condition (no rock bottom) and other deficiencies I have discussed over the years.

Here is your chance:

NRC  has scheduled a public hearing  on March 16 on the matter of a 20 license renewal for the Salem and Hope Creek complex

NRC states, as policy:

 Public Involvement in Reactor License Renewal

As with any licensing activity, the public has an opportunity to participate in NRC's decision making process with regard to license renewal. Guidance for the review process is based not only on NRC views, but on industry experience as well. Furthermore, the expertise of technical organizations and professional societies was used, as appropriate, during the development of the license renewal process. The public, in general, is also encouraged to participate in the process through public meetings, and public comment periods on rules, renewal guidance, and other documents. In addition, the public has an opportunity to request a formal adjudicatory hearing if that party would be adversely affected by the renewal.

Take advantage of it.


Meeting notice and agenda
Discuss scheduled submittal of license renewal application for Salem and Hope Creek Generating Plants. [more...]

Participation: Category 1

NRC Two White Flint North
Room T-10A1
11545 Rockville Pike
Rockville MD

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