In case you are interested here is the breakdown. Looks very good.


The $789 billion economic-recovery bill looks good in terms of green spending, according  analysis from the Center for American Progress

Energy transmission and alternative energy research:


Mass transit and advanced automobiles:

Green jobs training:

The Senate version of the bill had contained $4.6 billion for the research and development of carbon-capture-and-sequestration (CCS) technologies for coal-fired power plants and $50 billion in loan guarantees for the nuclear industry, But that funding has been dropped, to the delight of enviros.

"This is a huge win, for our planet and for taxpayers who want stimulus funds to be invested wisely,"  The bailout in question would have thrilled nuclear industry lobbyists but done virtually nothing to stimulate the economy. Congressional leaders did the right thing and prevented waste by removing this bailout."

. The loan guarantee scam was slipped into the Senate version by Republican Bob Bennett (R-UT) in cooperation with Democrat Tom Carper (D-DE). The loan guarantees would have backed a Department of Energy program supporting new reactor construction, despite a report from the Government Accountability Office warning that such projects  would bankrupt more then half the utilities that might undertake them

A national grassroots campaign involving virtually ALL environmental organizations dealing with energy once again underscored the overwhelming green opposition to atomic power. The Participation was overwhelming !!!   


Tom Carper is now known as the most pro-nuclear senator !!! Yes MY Senator from Delaware who has been on my mailing list for Years.