None of the nuclear power propagandists want to talk about the enormous problems with nuclear waste

To put it into perspective, please watch the attached video.

Lets pull together and stop the building of new plants.


Salem and Hope Creek



Locally , on Artificial Island right here on the Delaware River the waste storage pools are filled and PSE&G has gone into dry casks  storage . The time has come for public hearings on the Emergency Evacuation Plan .

It is hoped that the request, signed by 70 concerned citizens, to legislate public hearings will be successful .


Why is DEMA telling us that the wind stops blowing at the 10 mile (EPZ) zone.

See Attachment :


So much activity

Delaware Disaster Assistance Team (DDAT)

Development of Statewide Disaster Preparedness and Response Consortium


 On April 7, 2008, approximately 55 individuals from 40 cultural institutions throughout Delaware met at the Delaware Public Archives to discuss statewide disaster preparedness and response. In attendance were representatives from public and special libraries, archives, historical societies, state parks, cultural institutions and associations from Delaware’s three counties………And never an opportunity for the public to ask questions.