Three Mile Island Nuclear Station, Unit 1 - License Renewal Application


Incredible as it seem the owners of TMI have applied for a license renewal to operate another 20 Years..


On March 28, 1979 at 4 AM I received a telephone call from Pennsylvania asking me to   turn on my radio to see if I could get any news about the nuclear plant. “I live here” the caller said “and I know there is something terribly  wrong at the plant, but there is no news” I called back 30 minutes  later and confirmed NO NEWS.

At 6.00 AM I received a telephone call from WILM asking me to listen to a News Report which came over the wires. They wanted me to analyze the wording and to tell them if it was alarming.  I understood and told them it was indeed a serious situation and to run with it.

At this point  I called  the Director in charge of Emergencies (what is now called DEMA ) His name was McClosky. I knew him well, he was always co-operative and one of the most able man to ever held that post.

Remember it was 6 AM and Mr McClosky himself answered the telephone . I immediately told him that I will not engage him in conversation , that the purpose of my call was simply to see if you have been notified of the accident. He assured me that he will not hesitate to call for an evacuation if the situation progresses.   For the next 3 days I locked my house and answered  telephone calls.


Needless to say we came very close to a melt down.  It took 14 years  and one Billion Dollars to clean up and safely “In tome”  TMI 2.  There it stands, next to TMI 1  forever, or until such time , someday, in the far distant future when our children’s children  may come up with the money and the technology to ACTUALLY clean all this mess up.


TMI 2 should never be granted a license to operate  another 20 Years . These plants were built to operate for 30 years. Radioactive contamination and “embrittlement” makes them unsafe .


God help us !!!!