[UnplugSalem] Another reason why nuclear power is not safe.


Oh yes, There is

 the Waste problem, the many accidents called “close calls” the constant leaks and breakdowns . But there is one problem the industry does not want to talk about , namely the persecution  of whistleblowers. Many Engineers who protested unsafe procedures at nuclear power plants had their careers destroyed.


From the very beginning Dr.John Gofman on his trip to Europe, to present his findings was fired when he refused to change the text of his presentation. (he and Dr.Tamplin were sacked) They said:

 "Dr. Tamplin and I hereby challenge  the entire

 National Committee on Radiation Protection to a complete debate, including every minute facet of the evidence, before a jury of eminent peers who have no atomic energy ax to grind, preferably in public view."


It never stopped . Truth was always the enemy of nuclear power.


Roger Wensil was Americas first nationally known whistleblower at a nuclear facility. (Savannah River)

 After exposing serious  safety defects They warned:

  “the powerful corporation  will follow him to the end of the Earth and ruin him financially .


Then there is the TIME cover of May 4 1996 of


George Galatis, Nuclear Whistleblower


http://www.time.com/time/covers/0,16641,19960304,00.html  Nothing has changed. Attempts have been made to protect whistle blowers, he problem is, they still need a cadre of lawyers to proceed


This is of course not confined to the US


Sergei Kharitonov, who worked at the Leningrad Nuclear power plant (LNPP) for 27 years and was sacked for whistleblowing after exposing numerous hazards at the power station and a long legal battle to have his firing declared illegal, has applied for asylum in Finland.



There are  too  many to mention. Very little has changed over the years I was concerned about this problem but then I met Dr.Kymn Harvin  and I realized that my own friendly neighborhood nukers at Salem

did the same thing and my concern turned to worry. Real worry.

I would like to tell you about Dr.Harvin, but rense in this short little story tells it so well.




Trying to abide by my rule to keep my e mails short, you just have to google her story and many others.