Delaware Politics with NUKES

In memory

Chernobyl, the panic before the explosion

The result

The City of Pripyat and all those villages , abandoned FOREVER.

Could this be Rehoboth , Ocean City  should Salem and Hope Creek sink into the mud they were built on, jolted by an earthquake.


Which brings me to a subject which has been of concern to some of us for a long time.  Namely

Public hearings   on Delaware’s Emergency Evacuation Plan in case of an accident at Salem.  New Jersey has annual public hearings,  which I have attended for the last 10 years or so. .These hearings are ordered through legislation and have been extremely voluble and informative. I can assure you the folks in Salem County know exactly what do in case the sirens go off..


The history of my efforts in Delaware :


After Salem was licensed I had several meetings with Mr.Mclosky (who was in charge of  Emergency’s in those days) working out a format by which we could alert  ALL Delawareans as to what to do in case of an accident.. We decided that the back cover of the Telephone book would reach all households.

It was a start.  I was satisfied.

As new administrations took over,   The coverage disappeared and again I became concerned. Many questions remained ,

Will the people understand that they can NOT enter the EPC  (10 mile zone) to pick up their  children (There is a precedent for that at TMI)

Will the volunteer Buss driver go into the EPC rather then rushing home  (precedent for that as well)

When “Sheltering” is ordered, how will that be enforced

When “spontaneous”  evacuation takes place how will you be able to clear the EPC? (There is also a precedent for that)

When I/ 95 becomes a parking lot  how will you handle the emergencies in 80 degree heat  when windows MUST be closed. and air condition must be turned off.

 Much more should be discussed in public and ON RECORD. Farmers need to know how to secure their animals

Etc. etc.

(At the last meeting in New Jersey a representative from DEMA approached me and said .”the people in Delaware are very well informed”. Yes indeed flyers and info goes out to all the residents IN THE EPC , what about the rest of the 20,000 residents  living in the shadows of these plants ?

If Salem County could have done it with flyers they would have.


After the simple warnings in the Telephone book vanished I looked for a sponsor for legislation to start public hearing’s


The first to assure me that he will produce a bill to that effect was Senator Harris McDowell. After repeated telephone calls assuring me that “I will get to it” I gave up.

I then  got a promise from Mr. Cathcart to introduce such a bill in the House.  The reason why he did not is rather interesting. I happen to be speaking at a meeting in Middletown in Mr. Cathcart’s  district. . The matter of the needed hearings came up and I mentioned that Mr Cathcart   reneged on his promise, when suddenly all eyes turned to one direction , I did not know he was there. The people asked him why he did not follow through, Mr Cathcart answered

“ Harris told me not to”


After a meeting with DEMA  2 years ago, I asked why this vital information was ever deleted from the telephone book ?  “Oh Yes” they said, “we are going to put that back in.”

Thank God I have not been holding my breath. waiting for it.