Construction Work in Progress !!!!


Monumental grassroots victory against new reactor in Missouri!

 ( please note: GRASSROOTS victory!)

Today AmerenUE announced that it has cancelled its plans to build a new 1,600 megawatt-electric French Areva "Evolutionary Power Reactor" at its Callaway nuclear power plant in central Missouri. The project's biggest stumbling  block was Missouri's anti-CWIP law. "Construction Work in Progress" (CWIP) allows a nuclear utility to recover the construction costs of a reactor before the reactor actually operates. Ratepayers pay this cost through their current electricity bill even though the reactor has not produced any power. , CWIP is a way to overcome private investors' wise aversion to the large financial risks of new reactor loans.   CWIP, as I always said “You pay, you take the risk  and if we don’t finish you take the loss. Not the stockholder, who has a voice in the decision making process.

The Industry states:  …. Now Missouri has been set back in developing clean, renewable, reliable energy that would have benefitted future generations. … still insisting that nuclear power is cheap, clean and “renewable”.



Where have we seen this before

lectricit de France caught spying on nuclear power opponents

Background: lectricit de France (EDF), the French nuclear energy operator with business interests in the United States, paid private security firms to infiltrate and spy on anti-nuclear activists in France and potentially other countries in Europe as well. Surveillance was conducted on individuals representing the French anti-nuclear network - Sortir du Nuclaire  Beyond Nuclear    and Greenpeace among others. The revelations were made public this week in court documents in which the "hackers" hired by EDF directly implicated the deputy head of its production security division - Pierre Franois. Stphane Lhomme,

This corporate spying on individual citizens demonstrates once again that nuclear power is inherently incompatible with democracy and civil liberty. Furthermore, the scandal serves to underline the immense level of secrecy that surrounds the nuclear industry in France and the continued suppression of democratic public engagement there. Finally, given that EDF is a partner in U.S. nuclear ventures with Constellation Energy, under the corporate mantel of UniStar Nuclear Energy, this violation of free speech raises serious questions about the kind of company U.S. taxpayer dollars could be supporting if planned new reactor construction of the French EPR is allowed to go forward. Once they will build  the first reactor in this country, you bet they will spy on all of us. (what happened to the “Freedom Fries )

I The good news is comes from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission !

New FERC Chair says new nukes and coal not needed; renewables and efficiency are enough

Greenwire reports that President Obama's Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Chair, Jon Wellinghoff told a gathering of reporters at the U.S. Energy Forum on Earth Day this week that no new nuclear and coal fired power plants may be needed. "We may not need any, ever," he said. Wellinghoff observed that renewable energy could meet baseload capacity and future energy demands while nuclear power and coal are just too expensive.

The monumental costs of cleanup

Lawmakers yesterday berated the head of the Department of Energy's nuclear environmental cleanup program for its escalating costs and suggested the $6 billion in stimulus funds slated for the program would not be wisely spent……….this years appropriation for: The Savannah River Site will receive $1.6 Billion in stimulus funds to decommission nuclear materials production reactors and other contaminated areas……… The Hanford Nuclear Reservation in southeast Washington  stores 177 underground radioactive materials tanks. Sixty-six of those are already leaking, making the site one of the most contaminated in the country. The Hanford site will receive nearly $2 Billion  in stimulus funds to  remediate waste and contaminated groundwater, retrieve solid waste from burial grounds and take radioactive liquid waste from old underground tanks ……

DOE has said the environmental cleanup program has a portfolio of 14 construction projects and 62 cleanup  projects with a lifetime cost of$205 Billion o $260 billion But cost estimates are growing  ACCORDING  TO A SERIES OF GAO REPORTS   "I consider this amount of money to be unacceptable," said Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.), ranking member of the subcommittee. "Right now, we're spending huge amounts on a cleanup program that continues to go up in a dramatic fashion. Somehow, we've got to get off this treadmill."

Yes Mr. Sessions , you tell us HOW !!!   This has been a lingering problem for 60 years .


Just you wait Mr. Sessions  until the bill comes in for the (yet untold) Billions of Dollars, when the nuclear industry walks away from the 104 nuclear power plants operating in this country near our lakes and rivers, leaving behind 3.000 tons of high level nuclear waste each year, which is lethal for more than a hundred thousand years.