in light of new information let me repeat :


Sharif Mobley was among 11 al Qaeda suspects arrested in the Yemeni capital in early March, Mobley, 26, worked at the Salem and Hope Creek nuclear reactors in New Jersey and other reactors in the area. If you remember, he grabbed his guards gun and shot him.

The Utilities say he had no access to sensitive areas of the plants.

Now  view these videos and consider the credibility of that statement.


If you remember recently I sent a video showing the Guards sleeping on the job at Peach Bottom.

We now learned that this is not an isolated incident . but a widespread problem.



Surely Mr Mobley  could have had  free range to enter any area of the plant.



For too long we’ve assumed that a nuclear plant is safe as long as its reactor is protected. Sharif Mobley knew better. Now, chances are, so does Al Qaeda.

Charles Faddis, a former officer at the Central Intelligence Agency, is the author of “Willful Neglect: The Dangerous Illusion of Homeland Security.”


Charles Faddis Op-Ed Contributor NYTimes