The good news:

The Minnesota House of Representatives on Thursday refused to lift a moratorium on construction of nuclear power plants that has been in place since 1994.


The top story is probably the excellent news from Germany that the current administration is sticking to its promise of shutting down the country's reactors!


The bad news:


The kind of nuclear waste nobody talks about , Uranium Mill Tailings.


 Mountains of mill tailings left behind from the mining and milling of uranium, spewing airborne and effluent radioactive poison all over the land was a worry to President Jimmy Carter . In his State of the Union address in 1981 he said  “We must continue to press ahead for the safe, secure disposal of radioactive waste”. 1981 !!!!

 In fact President Cater had already formed the “Interagency Review Group on Nuclear Waste Management “ with public hearings to be held in San Francisco , St. Louis Mo. And Boston Ms.

I traveled to Boston to get my findings into the record.


When I brought up the figure of 1.3 million deaths for every reactor year of operation from Mill tailings

It caused a stir. So much so, that the Chairman, ordered “” peace peace…….”

I also reminded them that it took several months for the News Release to the public that their estimate was in error by a factor of 100.000

( my testimony is reprinted on the  book “Asleep at the Geiger counter)for a reprint of my testimony just ask F)


Why bring this up now ?


30 years later, NRC orders the clean up of MOAB


    The cleanup was scheduled to begin April 20 and is estimated to cost about $1 Billion which will be paid by the Department of Energy.  To clean up the site, trucks loaded with mill tailings will drive to a gantry that will lift the containers to a rail line above the site. The loaded containers will be hauled 33 miles north to Crescent Junction, where they will be buried in a mile-long, half-mile-wide repository

The mill-tailings pile that sits along the banks of the Colorado River has long been a 16-million-ton pain in the neck for officials from Utah, Nevada, Arizona and California, who worry that a flood could wash part of the pile into the river and eventually into domestic water supplies of 25 million people downstream. Cleanup, for instance, has long been a priority of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California.


The Uranium Mill Tailings Radiation Control Act (UMTRCA) of  1978 gave the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) the responsibility of stabilizing, disposing, and controlling uranium mill tailings and other contaminated material at 24 uranium mill processing sites located across ten states and at approximately 5.200 associated properties.

 Department of Energy was urged now to move the tailings. Otherwise, the drinking water of more than 25 million people would be threatened.



$ 1 Billion for Moab, think of all the other sites !!!! Cheap, clean nuclear Power ? I don’t think so .

Check it out !


Decommissioning Projects - USA  

(last updated 25 Apr 2009)