They are back with that little “Pellet”

The CEO of Energy Fuels, George Glasier, holds up a tiny pellet, smaller than a ping-pong ball, to illustrate his point. This pellet of nuclear fuel, he says, is the equivalent of five gallons of oil, one railroad car , or a 100 tons of coal.

Behind this small finished pellet . however, is a long expensive chain of death and destruction. 

How well I remember the promoters of nuclear power holding up that little pellet in the early 70’s and pronouncing the miracles it performs. And I remember asking them how much of that Oil or Coal is used in the production of that pellet . I just never got an answer.


Just a small example:


New Mexico legislators are in Washington D.C.  to press the federal government to help clean up hundreds of abandoned uranium mines that dot the state’s landscape….259 mines that have reported uranium production .The abandoned mines are found literally all over the state. And there may be many more than that, ..

In great Junction, the moab site left a legacy of 16 million tons of uranium tailings that currently threaten the Colorado River.


Contaminated ground water near Navajo boundary………


In addition,  officials from U.S. EPA, Region 9, in San Francisco and representatives of General Electric are conducting sampling in the vicinity of the adjacent Northeast Churchrock Mine to determine the volume and location of potentially contaminated materials at that site


The list goes on.

 Does your Government lie to you ? Consider this.

Excerpt from my testimony to the Interagency review Group in Boston  in 1978

( continued from my previous e mail)

After I caused a ruckus by reminding the Panel of the fact that they had underestimated the deaths cause by mining and milling of uranium by a factor of 100.000, I said the following:


While waiting with anticipation to see what my government is going to do about it, I was stunned and insulted when I received, this week, a packet from the Department of Energy which included a report by George L. Gleason, Executive Vice President and General Counsel of the American Nuclear Energy Council, which states as follows:

"Mill tailings are the residue which is left over from the process of refining raw ore uranium. Although they contain some radioactive elements, the tailings are relatively harmless, corresponding closely to those naturally present in nearby rock formations."

MY statement was met with silence, you be the judge.