We need transparency about these claims:. :

It has been incessantly stated that nuclear power eliminates the production of carbon dioxide, and that it is cleaner and safer than coal.


First of all, coal fired energy production does not require a Price Anderson Act the way nuclear power does (exempt from Insurance in case of an accident)


Secondly, we need transparency about the entire nuclear power fuel cycle.. We must enrich raw uranium to make it useful as a fuel.  Hundreds of billions of kilowatt-hours of coal-fired electricity are guzzled for this.


An official U.S. document admitted that for every 100 units of nuclear energy produced; at least 26 units of energy must first be consumed. This represents a significant amount of carbon dioxide indirectly produced by nuclear power.  (the consumption of power eventually consumed when waste disposal becomes a reality is incalculable.)


A government official was caught lying under oath about actual nuclear power yield.


Our General Accounting Office, the investigative arm of the U.S. Congress concluded that none of our federal agencies issued a credible net energy analysis.


In addition to planned and unplanned releases of poisonous radioactivity from the nuclear plants themselves, there is nationwide contamination from the poisonous gases given off by uranium tailings It presents a health hazard that dwarfs the hazard of the dirtiest coal burning operation.  We need transparency about this too. 


The same factories that make fuel for nuclear power can also make nuclear weapons.  For some foreign nations, making nuclear weapons from so-called peaceful atomic energy has been the procedure of choice.( did we not know this BEFORE we sold them the reactor ?)


Still, nuclear plants, for safety reason have only been licensed to operate for 30 years. As the World Nuclear Organization notes Some components simply wear out, corrode or degrade to a low efficiency. The properties of materials may degrade , particularly with heat and neutron irradiation.


So far, all application for license extension have been approved (20 so far) including Three Mile Island 1, standing next to the destroyed TMI 2.


Yes, the American scientists who participate in this dangerous practice have a lot to answer for.