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Advocates say a nuclear power “renaissance” can solve global energy problems, but construction of new reactors in the U.S. faces a number of barriers, not the least of which is nuclear waste.

Delaware Senator Tom Carper, who actively supports nuclear power, hosted a panel of experts on Monday to discuss nuclear waste at the Massachusetts Institute
of Technology. MIT on Monday also updated its 2003 study on how nuclear power can play a role in reducing carbon emissions

Carper introduced the program by saying we have 104 operating nuclear power plants in the USA with 26 new plants proposed with loan guarantees for three of them already approved.  "We have to have in this country what is called a nuclear renaissance."  The stimulus money under the ARRA also includes loan guarantees for manufacturing nuclear components for power plants.  Dry cask storage should be secure for up to a century and buys us time to figure out what we want to do with the waste ultimately.


Video link to the full two hours.   Very interesting


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Is it safe to store US nuclear waste above ground? - New Scientist

If leading US energy experts have their way, the US will be storing tens of thousands of tonnes of nuclear waste above ground for decades to come. But are dry casks, originally intended as a short-term fix for nuclear waste, a safe bet?

Researchers from MIT and Harvard University fielded questions from US Senator Tom Carper yesterday in Cambridge, Massachusetts on what the US should do with its nuclear waste now that plans for Yucca Mountain, a national underground repository,
have been put on hold by the Obama administration.

Surprisingly, the assembled scientists unanimously told Carper not to worry, saying existing aboveground storage would be perfectly save for another 60 to 70 years…………….

Let future generations worry about that …