Before Building the fourth reactor on Artificial Island

PSE&G must build another mud pile  !!!!



Public Service Enterprise Group, or PSEG, plans to buy federal wetlands to build New Jersey's fifth nuclear power plant. (the fifth Oyster Creek N.J.)

The company discussed its 4,000-page application during a public meeting Monday with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission at the NRC headquarters in Rockville, Md. The company is proposing building a reactor just north of the Hope Creek plant, one of three it owns on Artificial Island in Salem County's Lower Alloways Creek Township.

To build the plant, it must secure 84 acres of wetlands from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The agency currently uses the land as a dredge-disposal site, the company's report states.

The company applied in May for an early site permit, which is designed to resolve safety and environmental questions about the proposed location. ……….

“Safety and environmental problem ?”  Is it not enough of a problem that borings up to 100 ft reveal no rock bottom “ Next to an earthquake fault ?

(Dredging the River, is there a hidden agenda behind this controversy ?)


The NRC hosted a public meeting last month over the proposal even before PSEG filed its formal application. Testimony was divided between environmentalists who opposed expanding nuclear power in New Jersey and local residents and politicians who supported the jobs and tax revenue a new plant would generate…. (reminds me of the 30 silver coins for Judas ransom)


The New Jersey chapter of the Sierra Club said it would oppose any plans by PSEG to fill in wetlands, especially since the plant's owners in the 1980s agreed to restore wetlands instead of building costly cooling towers.

"We would vigorously oppose any wetland fill of that size along the Delaware bayshore," spokesman Jeff Tittel said. "The wetlands along the Delaware Bay are critical habitat to make up the massive loss of life from the failure of PSEG to have cooling towers. It's the height of hypocrisy."

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This is all happening while our request for public hearings in Delaware on the Emergency Evacuation Plan  (with 70 signatures) is totally ignored by the Legislators.