Today at the NRC Event webpage there are several Events that warrant investigation. I Salem tripped

"This notification is being made to report that Salem Unit 2 has experienced an automatic reactor trip. The trip was caused by 23 Reactor Coolant (RC) loop low flow and P-8 caused by 23 reactor coolant pump trip. The cause of the 23 Reactor Coolant Pump trip is under post reactor trip investigation.
Waiting for more news if anything develops.Loss of reactor coolant is not a minor problem.

AP IMPACT: Populations around US nuke plants soar


BUCHANAN, N.Y. (AP) -- As America's nuclear power plants have aged, the once-rural areas around them have become far more crowded and much more difficult to evacuate. Yet government and industry have paid little heed, even as plants are running at higher power and posing more danger in the event of an accident, an Associated Press investigation has found.

But some estimates of evacuation times have not been updated in decades, even as the population has increased more than ever imagined. Emergency plans would direct residents to flee on antiquated, two-lane roads that clog hopelessly at rush hour Why is it that Delaware Legislators will not demand public hearings on the Emergency Evacuation Plan

even as the population has increased more than ever imagined. ....

40,000 Delawareans live in the 10 mile radius from the plant.

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