I now have confirmation from  the Nuclear Regulatory Commission !

 PDF enclosed


Anyone who ever questioned my claim that Hope Creek, Salem 1 and 2 are sitting on a mud pile, not supported by a solid rock  can now read the enclosed PDF letter to my friend Sidney Goodman who demanded an answer to my accusations .


Excerpt from NRC’s letter

“For each of the plants , the hydraulic fill material  and other soil below the hydraulic fill was excavated  and replaced with compacted engineered fill material or concrete in the associated areas for the structure, down to a dept of approximately 70 ft.”


1 )


To explain my position which I repeated numerous times:

Hydraulic fill material :

Dredgings from the river  (They do not speak in layman’s terms)


Hydraulic fill dams can be dangerous in areas of seismic activity due to the high susceptibility of the uncompacted, cohesionless soils in them to earthquake liquefaction.


2) Replaced with concrete  ASSOCIATED AREAS FOR THE STRUCTURE : As I said, cement PILINGS under each structure !!!!


3) UP TO 70 FT.  !!!!  (Just I I said, well I gave them 5 ft. early documents claimed 75 ft.)


Now I claim again that borings continued  up to 100 ft but did not reveal solid rock.


I consider this the most dangerous place on earth for 3 nuclear power plants. (Panning a 4th)



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