As more and more people become educated, no doubt the Empire will keep coming up with new and creative ways ) to thwart the efforts of ordinary citizens of conscience who simply are asking our own government *not* to nuke us - and humanity - any longer.

A government truly concerned with the health and welfare of its citizens would have stopped all of this before they even started it. They knew back before even the early 1940s that radiation damages human health.




The Radiation and Public Health Project  in New York  collected baby teeth from children born near nuclear Power Plant. and found considerable increase in cancer deaths.. They have published their findings in the newly released book by Dr. Joseph J. Mangano “ Radioactive Baby teeth: The Caner Link “

Interestingly, the officials pushing nuclear power call it “Junk science “


But there is a problem. Their findings seem to be verified all around the Globe !!!!!


I am sorry , try as I may I can not shorten this e mail and give the subject justice I hope you will read it.


From around the world:


New Scientist

Among the many environmental concerns surrounding nuclear power plants, there is one that provokes public anxiety like no other: the fear that children living near nuclear facilities face an increased risk of cancer. Though a link has long been suspected, it has never been proven. Now that seems likely to change.

From England :


udies in the 1980s revealed increased incidences of childhood leukemia near nuclear installations at Windscale (now Sellafield), Burghfield and Dounreay in the UK . Later studies near German nuclear facilities found a similar effect. The official response was that the radiation doses from the nearby plants were too low to explain the increased leukemia   Too Low ? Same deniala. Read on .


Last year, researchers at the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston carried out a meta-analysis of 17 research papers covering 136 nuclear sites in the UK, Canada, France, the US, Germany, Japan and Spain. The incidence of leukemia in children under 9 living close to the sites showed an increase of 14 to 21 per cent,


This was followed by a German study which found 14 cases of leukemia compared to an expected four cases between 1990 and 2005 in children living within 5 kilometers of the Krummel nuclear plant near Hamburg , making it the largest leukaemia cluster near a nuclear power plant anywhere in the world (Environmental Health Perspectives, vol 115, p 941).


This was upstaged by the yet more surprising KiKK studies (a German acronym for Childhood Cancer in the Vicinity of Nuclear Power Plants), whose results were published this year in the International Journal of Cancer (vol 122, p 721) and the European Journal of Cancer (vol 44, p 275). These found higher incidences of cancers and a stronger association with nuclear installations than all previous reports. The main findings were a 60 per cent increase in solid cancers and a 117 per cent increase in leukemia among young children living near all 16 large German nuclear facilities between 1980 and 2003. The most striking finding was that those who developed cancer lived closer to nuclear power plants than randomly selected controls. Children living within 5 kilometers of the plants were more than twice as likely to contract cancer as those living further away, a finding that has been accepted by the German government.


Even the French are catching on

A few weeks ago a series of posters appeared in the streets of Avignon :

The number of cancers is increasing for the people who live near nuclear centrals.

http://avignon- in-photos. blogspot. com/2008/ 07/avignon- nuclear-festival .html

No wonder com/search? hl=en&fkt=6000&fsdt=14219&q=Uranium+leak+ Rhone&btnG=Google+ Search


                      Why ? Leaks, “incidents” and accident reports are coming in on a daily basis :

Germany reports 122 'notifiable incidents' at nuclear power plants

Posted: 2008/07/26
From: MNN

Science News

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Study: Early Los Alamos toxin leaks higher

Published: July 25, 2008 at 9:25 AM

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LOS ALAMOS, N.M., July 25 (UPI) -- Contamination in the early years at the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico may have been higher than originally reported, health officials say.


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ENERGY: Accidents Make N-Questions Bigger
By Julio Godoy

PARIS, Jul 31 (IPS) - The recent proliferation of accidents at nuclear power plants in France, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Slovenia and elsewhere in Europe has made calls for greater reliance on nuclear energy questionable, experts say.

http://www.ipsnews. net/news. asp?idnews= 43390


http://www.sundayhe news/heraldnews/ display.var. 2450036.0. nuclear_fire_ hazard_kept_ secret_for_ fear_of_aiding_ terrorists. php

Nuclear fire hazard kept secret for fear of aiding terrorists

Details of a serious fire hazard at the Hunterston nuclear power station in North Ayrshire have been kept secret because they could aid a terrorist attack.

The government's Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has refused to release information about a "specific fire scenario" at the reactors because to do so could "threaten national security".

Nuke us no more, please !!!