The truth about the nuclear renaissance .


The “NextGen Energy Council,(another  Council of “Experts”)  is  an association of  energy producers (see board members at: http://www.nextgene board+of+ directors. aspx) blamed the Powerful and “well funded “ anti nuclear  movement for stymieing  their dream of a nuclear renaissance.

I quote

“…the single biggest threat to system reliability is opposition from well-funded environmental groups that oppose and file lawsuits against virtually every new electricity project proposed.”

“This op position is almost always organized and led by selfstyled “environmental” organizations. A

favorite tactic used by these deep-pocketed groups is to file lawsuit upon lawsuit to slow or stop power plants


Somehow, this well funded movement must have left me out the loop. The money it cost me just to intervene in 1975 in the case of DP&L’s Summit Plant, the subsequent actions in Washington, the interventions in TMI restart, the many travels from Boston to Atlantic City…etc. etc. could keep me in spending money for the rest of my life.  But, I bet you bottom dollar these Gentlemen at NextGen don’t work for free.


Here is the funny part


“The U.S. Faces Serious Risks of Brownouts or Blackouts in 2009, Study Warns -…


“Brownouts and blackouts”

  has become their mantra . Did you know that DP&L (and others)

Threatened with brownouts and blackouts if I don’t let them build their defunct nuke ( in 1975 ) Well, my toaster never stopped working.


It gets better:

U.S. Energy Secretary:

“Wall Street “meltdown” could impact reactor expansion”  NO KIDDING

 U.S. Energy Secretary Sam Bodman, speaking to reporters during an intern ational energy conference in Paris this week, said that long-term energy projects like building new nuclear plants could be at significant risk and “the most difficult to finance” because of the growing global financial crisis  Well, he finally got something right.

It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his job depends on not understanding it.   Upton Sinclair

From the Bulletin of The Atomic Scientist:

It’s all there,

2008 world nuclear industry status report: Global nuclear power

By Mycle Schneider | 16 September 2008

“The nuclear power industry is in a state of global decline--a situation that isn't going to change in the foreseeable future……”…

 Read it and rejoice, they have nothing to gain or to lose by telling the truth