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From the NRC!!!  See attached !

As I stated before. The production of Cobalt 60 at the Hope Creek nuclear power plant allows PSEG  to withhold information.     I have a problem with this. Will the Company  abide by the difference as to what is “proprietary Information” and what is the  publics right to know under the regulatory process



As I stated before the Nuclear Regulatory Commission on July 14 2010


Hope Creek could become only the second commercial nuclear power plant in the country to produce Cobalt-60 under a proposal now being review by the Commission.

Why introduce another danger into this area? The project involves inserting rods containing cobalt-59 into the plants reactor where they will remain to become cobalt-60 . Inserting Cobalt 50 rods with the same bundle of rods that produce nuclear power is a new challenge with all its unplanned possibilities for accident.

On January 19,2010 the Clinton nuclear power plant was chosen for this radioisotope pilot project. This is a project between Exelon and GE Hitachi Nuclear . Why not proceed with this project at Clinton , find the problems, particularly during refueling instead proceeding with Hope Creek in this already very troubled area. I became most concerned when I received the News from NRC that PSEG had requested “withholding information from public disclosure” producing Cobalt-60 makes the PSEG a PRIVATE , profit making corporation, which protects the Company from disclosing “proprietary information “How can we be sure the Company will adhere to the line between what is the publics right to know when producing electricity and what is proprietary information .

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