Hope Creek NPP, image courtesy of the NRC

Hope Creek NPP, image courtesy of the NRC

Salem Nuclear Power Plant

The Salem NPP, image courtesy of the NRC

The whole Island

Image:Hope Creek-Salem Nuclear.jpg


View from Augustine Beach



Image:Hope Creek only.jpg


After seeing these pictures  remember this whole complex is built on “ Artificial Island ” so named because the Island was built with dredge spoils from the Delaware  River . The Island is in fact just one huge mud pile. Borings up to 100 ft. detect NO ROCK BOTTOM.

The whole complex as you see it here sits in thousand of cement pilings only 75 ft deep.


Over 20.000 people live on the Delaware side in the 10 mile radius and I could not get the Delaware Legislature and DEMA to hold public hearings on the Emergency Evacuation Plan. DEMA now said that the Plan is secret because of “National Security Concerns” Which of course is not true.


New Jersey passed legislation several years ago demanding annual public hearings. I have attended every one of them. Call your representative and demand the same, here in Delaware .

(Google “Liquefaction” in case of an earthquake)