Why did Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant dump 500.000 gallons of radioactive  water into the Hudson River?

The spent fuel pool was full and LEAKING. What about other pools? They are all filling up ?


An omen of things to come ?


What is dry cask nuclear waste storage?


Right now, there are two methods of storing nuclear waste. One involves storing spent (toxic) fuel at the bottom of large concrete steel-lined pools while it cools—a process that takes anywhere from one to five years. The other method is dry cask storage, which involves storing cooled fuel in large, heavy steel cylinders that sit above ground and provide leak-tight containment.

  For a pictorial explanation on dry cask storage on one plant ] see



The old spent fuel rods   now being stored on-site in five massive dry casks, weighing about 160 tons apiece. The move should end strontium 90 contamination at the plant, company and regulatory officials say.

“This is a big milestone for us,” said Donald Mayer, the Entergy Nuclear official in charge of Indian Point’s efforts to control the groundwater contamination. “What this ultimately does is take all of (the strontium 90) away.”    Really?

“We’ve said from the beginning that an essential part of the strategy for reducing additional contamination was removing the fuel and draining the pool,” said Neil Sheehan, a spokesman for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Indeed right into the river !!


Oyster Creek nuclear Power Plant in New Jersey is  the oldest plant in the country. Commissioned in Dec of 1969 is now asking for a license extension to operate another 20 years  (aside from other serious problems at the plant right now) http://newjersey.sierraclub.org/Misc/oyster_creek_campaign.asp

The plant sits within the fastest growing area in New Jersey . Where will they put the water ?

And Vermont Yankee ?

Vermont Yankee  wants dry casks storage . commissioned in 1972, pool full. Will the contaminated water go into the Connecticut River?

There are 46 storage sites across the country now in the same position   until a national repository is built. If Ever.

Salem N.J. was commissioned in 1977, the pools are filling. Where will that water go. Into the Delaware River ?

Question : Is this

the example we have to look forward to when the rest of the nuclear pools at the over 100 nuclear plants fill up ????

And the permanent storage in Nevada :

The Bush administration's latest calculation — made public Tuesday — is that the Yucca Mountain facility will cost more than $90 billion. It's the first official estimate since 2001, when the figure was $58 billion.   And with every year up and up it goes.

 Rep. Jim Matheson, D-Utah, a member of the House Subcommittee on Energy and Air Quality, where the news was delivered. "We need to look at whether proceeding (with Yucca Mountain) is really the most cost-effective alternative. I don't believe it is."  I would bet my bottom dollar right now it will go down the drain . You are so right  Mr.Matheson !!!

Don’t fail to read this :

 "Equally shocking is that the Transportation Aging and Disposal casks the Department of Energy plans to use have not even been designed yet.  The Department says that 90% of nuclear waste will be shipped using these transportation-storage canisters, but they have absolutely no reason to believe that this is true.  There is no guarantee that nuclear utilities are actually willing to pay for these canisters, especially those that already use dry cask storage to securely store their waste.



“cheap” nuclear power anyone ?