The great plunder of the nuclear Industry and the States following the pied piper !


After my intervention to stop the Summit Nuclear Power plant in Delaware I was involved with the States energy policies.  And on November 1, 1978 I received the Governors Energy Awareness Award for my participation. Recognizing my knowledge on matters of nuclear power and waste it was therefore no surprise to me, when I received a call from Governor DuPont asking me to serve on the advisory board concerning the disposal of low level radioactive waste, which at that time has become an enormous problem.  All such waste was going to Barnwell South Carolina. (Now remember this was in the early 1980’s)


The federal Government decreed that States form “Compacts” with one state designated “Host State” (receiver of the waste with the financial contribution from the member states). Delaware joined the Appalachia compact  with

Pennsylvania being  the Host State.

A dozen compacts were formed throughout the United States

See them here


I strongly objected to Delaware joining the compact  on the basis that Delaware does not have a nuclear power plant , should not involve itself with this costly proposition and would be able to dispose of its medical waste quite easily ( I suggested how). The advisory board all but one voted with me.


Little did I know that this board was merely a formality. The contract went through the legislature without a dissenting  vote  (as did all other compacts)


The State of Delaware hereby solemnly covenants and agrees with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the State of West Virginia and any other eligible states as defined in Article 5(A) of this Compact and the United States of America, upon the enactment of concurrent legislation by the Congress of the United States and by the respective state legislatures, as follows:

Now fast forward to 2008 :

The compacts have fallen by the wayside one by one . The Appalachian Compact had its last meeting in Harrisburg a few months ago. As Dr. Otto told me, “ we closed the office, got rid  furniture………” Here are the members of the Delaware commissioners to the Compact, if you desire more detailed information  (Commissioners were not paid other then the usual cost for travel)





Honorable Vincent P. Meconi
Delaware Health and Social Services
Office of the Secretary
1901 North Dupont Highway
New Castle, DE  19720

K. Frieda Fisher-Tyler
Director of Radiation Control
Delaware Div. Of Public Health
Division of Public Health
Office of Radiation Control
417 Federal Street
Dover, DE  19901


Honorable John A. Hughes
DNREC (Dept. of Natural Resources & Environmental Control)
State of Delaware
89 Kings Highway
Dover, DE  19901

Harry W. Otto
Administrator, Interagency Programs
DNREC-Div. of Water Resources
State of Delaware
89 Kings Highway
Dover, DE  19901


What is the problem?

All low level nuclear waste has been shipped to Barnwell South Carolina.  But Barnwell is closing the end of this year accepting waste only from  3 States.  Very slowly even the general press is beginning to see the disaster coming

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Nuclear waste piles up in state

“What are we going to do with it, send it to the sun?" said Gregory Rogers, director of the Intelligence and National Security Program at Point Park University. "We should be looking at it not as a panic right now but as what should we be doing        No suggestions are available anywhere….

Read the whole article here

It is time that the pushers of nuclear power come clean, admit the enormous problems

 facing it , admit the fact that   many future generations will have to pay for the mistaken idea  that nuclear power is cheap.

I strongly urge all of you not residing in Delaware to examine the status of your own compact and raise the issue with your State.