Cancer around nuclear power plants !


After France and Germany  (my previous emails) the Swiss are coming in with the same results.


Everywhere the Industry tries to debunk the results  


…….However, negative results from the childhood cancer study could have a devastating impact on their nuclear ambitions.

The results of a study by the government in Germany published one year ago found a much higher rate of cancer, such as leukaemia, among children living within five kilometres of nuclear power stations………

Here, the nuclear Industry calls it “Junk Science” the Swiss fare no better. Read on

Nuclear firm funding for cancer study questioned

Image caption: Do the power companies really want to know if living close to a nuclear plant can cause cancer? (Keystone)


In other News :


On December 10,2008 President-elect Barack  Obama announced that he will nominate Steven Chu as Secretary of Energy. The Post will require  confirmation by the United States Senate.

He won the Nobel Price in Physics in 1997 and is currently doing research at Lawrence  Berkeley National Laboratory  (to develop technologies  to reduce the impact of  climate change.)

While Dr. Chu would not have been the first choice by many of us concerned with the proliferation of nuclear power (weapons and Plants) I personally feel relieved to finally have a scientist at the head of this Department . There is no doubt that Dr, Chu has all the qualifications.


how much  he knows about the “ practicality” of building new nuclear power plants we do not know.  The confirmation hearings should prove very interesting.