EnergySolutions Launches Ad Campaign Against Reps Who Oppose Italian Nuclear Waste Storage
EnergySolutions Inc. has started airing commercials critical of a U.S. congressman who wants to prevent the company from importing Italian nuclear waste for disposal in Utah’s west desert.

The company is fighting a bill in Congress sponsored by U.S. Rep. Jim Matheson, D-Utah, that would ban the importation of foreign low-level radioactive waste unless it originated in the U.S. or served a strategic national purpose..

Hear the video, see how these Companies go after anyone who dares to be concerned.


Copenhagen Reveals a Vicious Circle of Mistrust

An Editorial by Christian Schwägerl




Copenhagen's conference ended without a legally-binding agreement to reduce emissions.

Who is to blame for the summit disaster? The US? China? The EU? The G-8? In fact, all of the above. It was a coming together of states that killed off a vital resource for the world: trust.

The climate deal that was presented by the leaders of the United States, China, India, Germany and around 20 other states was about as worthless as toxic debt from AIG……….In Copenhagen, the outlines of a dangerous world were there for all to see. The climate summit did not end in a fist fight between tens of thousands of people, despite the fact that serious global problems were not resolved…. Barack Obama did not have to fly out from the roof of a burning conference center. Nevertheless, it was palpable that this is a world in which trust is harder to come by than oil, and where there is more mistrust than CO2 emissions.,1518,668408,00.htm

The great German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche said "from chaos comes order".

It is difficult to foresee the order that may result from the chaos of the Copenhagen climate change conference , but as the dust settles, traces of a path forward are becoming visible.

In other News

Lofty claims about the benefits of nuclear power are coming from the Nuclear Energy Institute and others. But financial and energy journals make clear that boiling water with uranium is the costliest and dirtiest energy choice.

Radioactive tritium has poisoned groundwater near at least 14 U.S. reactors, including Kewaunee in Wisconsin. Water under Braidwood, Dresden, Brookhaven, Palo Verde, Indian Point, Diablo Canyon, San Onofre and Kewaunee is all contaminated at levels above EPA and NRC standards. Would you want to drink that water?

The New York Times reported five years ago that owners of nearly half the reactors in the U.S. “are not reserving enough money to decommission them on retirement, according to Congressional auditors, who also say the NRC is not tracking the money carefully.”

Junk Science ?

U.S. Rep. Ed Markey, D-Mass., attacked the Nuclear Regulatory Commission in 2005, writing “The nuclear industry and the NRC have automatically dismissed all studies that link increased cancer risk to exposure to low levels of radiation.

More studies are now available not only in the US but also abroad.

From the Herald News :

The plague of radiation-induced illness is overwhelming . Let’s re-write the milk add: Got cancer?


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