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Wind Power Expansion in 2007 Beats Nuclear 10-to-1

by Matthew McDermott, Brooklyn, NY on 06.23.08

Chinese Nuclear Plant
photo by Bret Arnett

Worldwatch Institute is reporting in a Vital Signs report that in 2007 new wind power installations outpaced new nuclear power plant construction by 10-to-1. Globally, the wind industry added 20,000 MW of new capacity last year, while the nuclear industry added less than 2,000 MW. Three new reactors in India , China , Romania accounted for this small amount of growth.

The report notes that though 34 reactors are under construction around the world—20 of which are in Asia, with China and India having 6 a piece—12 of these have been under construction for 20 years or more. Worldwatch reports that construction problems, engineering challenges and safety concerns are delaying many projects. Financial issues also are an issue: ………….

From the Miami Herald


Create nonnuclear energy plan

Uranium is not renewable. Nuclear waste is not disposable. Enormous amounts of our water are needed for cooling. The energy required to offset, treat and deliver those waters should be figured into the economics of nuclear…..From the Miami Herald


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Mega Disasters : Glow Train Catastrophe Airs on Tuesday June 24   

The U.S. Department of Energy and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission plan to transport 77,000 tons of nuclear waste to a permanent storage facility 950 feet below Nevada 's Yucca Mountain . If the plan goes through, much of the cargo will travel through Las Vegas , making an accident there a very disturbing possibility. If history has taught us anything, it's that transporting dangerous goods can sometimes have catastrophic results. Take a look at the potential disaster that such a rail accident would have in Las Vegas .  We could never have put something together like this ourselves.  Somebody is trying to tell the truth/