“The biggest solar plant in the world”


After revealing a cost of 16 to 20 $Billion for the proposed nuclear expansion   Florida Power and Light has a change of heart

FPL goal: 3 solar plants in 2009

By David Adams, Times Staff Writer
In print: Thursday, June 26, 2008


Florida Power & Light, the state's largest utility, announced Wednesday it plans to build three solar energy plants in Florida, including one that would be the biggest of its kind in the world……….

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New problems in NC and Md:



Nuke Revival Hits Quicksand at Harris, Other Plants

Delays, cost overruns loom as NRC concedes new designs are years from completion

DURHAM, NC – Federal regulators now admit that designs for new nuclear power plants are years from completion and the problem is delaying their review of license applications. ………this month, the NRC told owners of the Calvert Cliffs plant in Maryland that the agency must delay its license review until certification of the Areva design is complete.  NRC also sent a list of site-specific application shortcomings……….The nuclear revival is now a special-order fiasco,” said NC WARN Executive Director Jim Warren.


“Each step moves the nuclear industry farther into a tar pit,” said Warren .  “And they’re dragging taxpayers and ratepayers with them.  It’s time to off-ramp the nuclear revival, and get on with the urgent business of cutting greenhouse gases -- through efficiency, cogeneration and renewables