From Harry Reid’s website:

Supporting Renewable Energy in Nevada and Across America
Nevada has the potential to be the nation’s renewable energy epicenter. Southern Nevada ’s clear sunny days make it one of the best locations for solar energy in the world,…….. That is why I have consistently supported a national renewable electricity standard……….


Harry Reid, the Senate majority leader who represents a state that has been called the Saudi Arabia of solar had a shock when he learned that the  

bureaucrats slammed the door for almost two years on new solar plants on 119 million acres of federal land they manage in six western states, they might have mentioned it to Harry Reid..

The culprit


The Bureau of Land Management.

BLM leaves Reid  (the senior senator from the state with 67 percent of its land under the control of the Bureau of Land Management, which implemented the freeze) out of the loop !! He learns of the big delay for new solar plants in region from the paper………
But in this case, the BLM must have lost Reid’s number

“We read it in (Wednesday) morning’s paper,” Reid spokesman Jon Summers wrote in an e-mail, referring to a Sun story about solar developers protesting a delay they say could break the back of the nascent industry here and in the rest of the Southwest.
The freeze is in effect while the BLM studies the
Environmental effects of solar development in Nevada , California , Utah , Arizona , Colorado and New Mexico . The bureau has accepted about 130 applications, including 23 in Clark and Nye counties, to build solar plants on one million acres of public land in the six states.  This is apparently too much for an administration who is pushing nukes at all cost.

From the solar Industry



“If you delay the process much ... industry might go to another nation,” Brooks said. “If you’re going to make the process more cumbersome in all six states where solar is most viable, there is absolutely no sense in locating manufacturing” in Nevada ….


My personal feeling : This administration seems to have stacked every agency with people who have  jellied backbones. None will say, ENOUGH ALREADY THIS COUNTRY IS IN TROUBLE


Citing Need for Assessments, U.S. Freezes Solar Energy Projects

Steve Marcus/ Las Vegas Sun, via Reuters

Mirrors channel sunlight onto a tube filled with oil at a solar power plant in Boulder City , Nev. The plant produces energy to power about 14,000 homes: