"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act." -- George Orwell

35 year ago when I was an intervener in DP&Ls plan to build a nuclear power plant in Delaware ( a case I could not lose because the HTGR was faulty and I knew it ) the News Journal called me  Luddite .

When I directed my efforts toward the dangers presented by Salem and Hope Creek, all these years their tactic was to simply ignore me .

Finally, today, some truth is being told. Not all of it by any means, but I am thankful.

It does not scratch the surface of all the dangers we are presented with here.

Such as:

The introduction into Hope Creek to produce cobalt60 (the only commercial nuclear power plant in the country to do so)


The fact that the whole complex sits on 70 ft cement piling with no rock bottom  on an artificial island built from river dredging.


The fact that commercial airlines flying into Philadelphia look right into Hope Creeks cooling tower . A perfect cover for a high jacket aircraft to attack.

See video:



And, Why there is this unreasonable refusal by the Delaware Legislators to demand PUBLIC HEARINGS , on the evacuation plan  as is the case in New Jersey !!!  Yes I will be there again on the 14 of July to testify, (as I did every year) since Delaware does not give it’s citizens the same opportunity to question, to get informed and to make the right decision in case of an accident.

The statement by DEMA officials that “we go out to organization to speak about the plan “ is useless. I have sent several e mails, revealing in transcript, that these people, when speaking “OFF THE RECORD “ speak with “forked tongue” Want prove ? Just ask.