the current federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) for renewables expires at the end of 2008, and without something to replace it, the renewable energy industry will suffer an even greater unfair disadvantage compared to the heavily subsidized oil, gas and nuclear industries


HR5049 aimed  at extending the ITC has already passed the House and will go to the Senate…….

                                         HERE IS THE INTERESTING PART


The last time the bill came up for a vote, it failed to pass by ONE  Senate vote.  Florida Senator Mel Martinez voted against this bill.   His yes vote would have made the difference.




Florida ’s PSC has just approved the $17 Billion construction of nuclear plants.

Is it not interesting that Florida ’s Senator is the only one holding up HR5049?


Let your senators know how important it is that they vote YES on HR6049. 


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Listen to video of T.Boone Pickens, very interesting. (others of his video are listed on the same site) com/watch? v=R2bOug1d20c