Today’s  “Perspective “ in the Wilmington News Journal by Senator Tom Carper, and the points he missed.



 No insurance company in the world would ensure nuclear plants  The industry stated at the outset that they will not build a plant without the Protection of the Price- Anderson Act.  Meaning YOU pay, if THEY damage.


http://www.nirs. org/factsheets/ priceandersonact factsheet1001. htm


Offered originally as 10-year temporary training wheels, "to encourage the private development of nuclear power" (ANI testimony) the Price-Anderson Act of 1957 has now provided the atomic industry with a permanent wheelchair for financial immunity from mistakes and accidents that can environmentally devastate whole countries, cripple economies and sicken entire populations…..Without this liability shelter, nuclear reactors would never have split the first atom……….

Tons of info available under Price-Anderson


States are now competing for water .Washington State and California , South Carolina and Florida etc.(Threatening with law suits for “stealing” THEIR water)

 You can not use sea water for cooling. These billons of gallons of water (they use daily) would have to go through a desalination process.


Water shortages…..Water Shortage Could Dry Up Nuclear Power Plants in Southeast

Author photoWritten by Max Lindberg

Published on January 23rd, 2008


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An Alabama reactor( and others) had to shutdown for a brief period in the summer, and officials in the Southeast now say it is becoming a crisis…..( Europe is experiencing the same problems)

How much water does a plant use? The Harris reactor near Raleigh , N.C. , draws 33 million gallons of water a day  , with 17 million gallons lost to evaporation in the cooling ……(Same.for Salem and Hope creek on the Delaware River )


. At Least 36 U.S. States Face Water Shortage

By David Gutierrez, Natural News. Posted April 15, 2008.


http://www.alternet .org/water/ 82378


The Associated Press

Drought Could Force Nuke-Plant Shutdowns

by Mitch Weiss

Our most precious resource in the future will be water…


The most important issue however……..Senator Carper repeats the statement that nuclear Energy contributes 20% of electricity. This is the most repeated lie.

What they don’t tell you is the enormous consumption of electricity used to produce a KW of nuclear power.


The performance of Nuclear Power can only  be measured by calculating the total energy required to build and run a Nuclear Power plant and comparing it to the total energy it produces. This they wont tell you !