Nuclear Power kills………….BEFORE IT EVEN STARTS TO PRODUCE ELECTRICITY    The proof was in 30 years ago.


Uranium mining leaves behind mountains of mill tailings emitting radioactivity and poisoning  groundwater


After all these years, finally a start to clean up ONE mine.

I presented my testimony to the Government on the matter and resulting deaths in 1978 (read my testimony below)

I can only say, with great sorrow, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN for 30 years?


DOE confirms it will move contaminated Moab tailings by rail, not truck

By Thomas Burr
The Salt Lake Tribune

Article Last Updated: 08/05/2008 11:43:36 AM MDT


- About 16 million tons of mill tailings abutting the Colorado River near Moab will be moved by rail to a permanent disposal site, the Department of Energy said Tuesday, reaffirming a decision not to ship the contaminated uranium mill tailings by truck along rural roads.


The DOE said Tuesday that as determined previously, the oversized shipments were not practical to be transported by truck on U.S. Highway 191. The tailings have leached ammonia, uranium and other contaminants into the Colorado River , which serves some 50 million people in seven states.



Last October, U.S. Rep. Henry Waxman and members of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform heard testimony from representatives of the Navajo Nation about the uranium mining legacy and commanded the five federal agencies to work together with Navajo to devise a cleanup plan


We believe that somewhere between 1.3 million and 2.5 million gallons of uranium-contaminate d water is leaching out of the Shiprock mill site each year. That's a lot of gallons.


The cost ? nobody knows. Aside from Moab in Utah

Other mines are located in Arizona , Colorado . New Mexico , South Dakota , Texas , Washington and Wyoming



   July 11, 2001:


>Robert O. Pohl, Cornell University Professor of Physics analyzed the

>direct health effects of thorium 230.  He came up with the estimate of 

>394 deaths per gigawatt-year.  Based on the Atomic Energy Commission's

>scenario  for nuclear power (at that time) this would result in at

>least 5,741,500




A little late Dr. Pohl, the evidence was in long before 2001




Below part of my testimony before President Carters “Interagency Review Group on Nuclear Waste “ in    1978.

Published in the book “Asleep at the Geiger Counter” by Sid Goodman.


Hearings were held in San Francisco , St Louis and Boston . I traveled to Boston


 Frieda Berryhill, Chairperson of the Coalition for Nuclear Power Postponement delivered the following testimony at the Nuclear Waste Management Forum:

U.S. Department of Energy, August 6, 1978.  The Nuremberg Principles were very much in her mind




She introduced findings by Radiation Chemist  Dr. Chauncey Kepford which pertained to the issue of extensive poisoning from uranium tailings.




Her testimony says it all.  I quote.




" On July 5, 1977 during the Operating Licensing Hearing for Three Mile Island Unit 2, Dr. Chauncey Kepford, intervener, had testified that the Nuclear Regulatory Commission had grossly underestimated the health effects from radon 222.  Using an EPA model and NRC data, Dr. Kepford calculated that 1.2 million people will die for every reactor year of operation.  Dr.

Reginald Gotchy, of the NRC, in sworn testimony agreed with Dr. Kepford's figures.  The transcript reveals the following exchange:




Dr. Gotchy: Yes. I think that what he has got here. I can't argue with these numbers.  I can come up with approximately the same numbers. The only question is what to do with that number. *fight started between Gotchy and myself *


Chairman: Peace, peace.  I was only inquiring whether or not you had a quarrel with these numbers, not what to do with them.




What to do with them --- the most important question was never asked.




A memorandum of September 21, 1977, from Dr. Walter H Jordan of the Atomic Safety and Licensing Board to James R. Yore, Chairman of the ASLBP, states as follows:




"In summary, the values given in Table S-3 for the amount of radium 222 emitted per annual fuel requirement is grossly in error.  So also is the dose to offsite population from milling due to one annual fuel requirement."




Again, the question of what to do about it was ignored.  It was not until March, 1978 that the NRC released the news to the public that the health effects (death by cancer) was in error by a factor of 100,000.




The NRC news release of July 18th informs me that the NRC has accepted for review applications for more nuclear plants.  Gentlemen, in view of the above, minimum morality demands that all such activity be stopped.


In a letter to NRC Chairman Joseph Hendrie, on March 16, 1978, Dr. Marvin Resnikoff states as follows: "Though the Commission has been made aware for some time that the Radon emissions from mill tailings were grossly underestimated by the Commission, it has refused to face the issue squarely.

The Commission's delay in this matter has made a mockery of the National Environmental Protection Act."




While waiting with anticipation to see what my government is going to do about it, I was stunned and insulted when I received, this week, a packet from the Department of Energy which included a report by George L. Gleason, Executive Vice President and General Counsel of the American Nuclear Energy Council, which states as follows:

"Mill tailings are the residue which is left over from the process of refining raw ore uranium. Although they contain some radioactive elements, the tailings are relatively harmless, corresponding closely to those naturally present in nearby rock formations."




How many hundreds or thousands of copies of this fraudulent report are being circulated by this department?




I concur with the statement made before this body by Dr. John W. Gofman in San Francisco on July 21, 1978:


"There already exists a body of principles which the USA has on an historic occasion acted upon in an international court.  I refer to the Nuremberg Principles.  We shall all look forward at the earliest possible moment to the implementation of these principles in our own government in evaluating the personal responsibility of and the meting out of justice to those who insist upon conducting random pre-meditated murder in the planning and execution of the nuclear power program."




I also concur with the statement of the Union of Concerned Scientists:




"We therefore recommend that Congress request the Public Integrity Section of the Criminal Davison of the U.S. Department of Justice to carry out an investigation of the conduct of former AEC officials, now NRC officials, to determine any role they may have had in a nuclear safety cover-up."




Thirty years ago, I became a citizen of this great and glorious country.  I have lived through the rise and fall of the German Reich.  I heard the murderers' resounding defense of "I was only following orders."  It did not wash.  Neither will the excuse, "I was only following policy"




I have been lied to for the last time.  Now that we know, what are we going to do about it?"