It is with great sorrow that we post this information

Frieda passed on June 20, 2012, at the age of 90.

She was well known nationally in the anti-nuclear movement. Perhaps her biggest single achievement was organizing and leading the opposition ("Coalition for Nuclear Power Postponement") to a nuclear power plant Delmarva Power wanted to build on the banks of the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal during the 1970s.

Officially Summit Power Station, Units 1 and 2, this plant was to use 1200 megawatt High Temperature Gas Cooled reactors, a very different design from most nuclear power plants.

One other plant of similar design, from the same vendor, was built in Ft. St. Vrain, Colorado. That plant was a failure, closed after ten years of very irregular and troubled operation. If the Summit plants had been built-and the projects reportedly did get to the stage of "procurement of major components"-they would have failed also. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission lists the reactors as officially cancelled in 1975.

The costs would likely have brought down a small utility such as Delmarva Power. As things played out, the plants were delayed until the vendor, Gulf General Atomic, admitted it could not deliver the plants and paid damages to Delmarva Power. Some Delmarva Power officials did have the grace to admit, although not very publicly, that Berryhill had done them a great service.

Stopping the building of two nuclear reactors could be seen as an impressive lifetime achievement for any person. But Frieda remained active in the anti-nuclear movement until a few weeks before her recent death. She was a diligent watchdog over the Salem and Hope Creek reactors on the New Jersey side of the Delaware River.

A particular focus was the lack of meaningful evacuation planning for people living around these reactors-the majority are in Delaware-and the servility of the Delaware Emergency Management Agency to the nuke plant owners. She pushed unsuccessfully for public hearings in Delaware on evacuation planning, fingering Delaware State Senator Brian Bushweller as an obstacle.

Berryhill also alleged for many years that the Salem/Hope Creek nukes were essentially built on mud which might liquefy in the event of an earthquake, leading to structural collapse. This was always denied by the owners, PSEG, and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. But, I recall that the owners once also claimed they couldn't build cooling towers, much need to reduce massive fish kills, because the ground was unsuitable for supporting heavy structures.

As her ability to get out to meetings was curtailed somewhat by advancing age, she maintained an online presence. Unlike many of her generation, her ability to adapt to the Internet age enabled her to stay active.

As most probably know, the concerns of the anti-nuclear movement, initially somewhat theoretical, have been amply and tragically confirmed by experience. Nuke power is neither safe nor economical.

But, PSEG is scheming to build another nuclear reactor on Artificial Island to join the Salem I and II, and Hope Creek I, reactors. Many officials in Delaware are promoting the scheme and trying to silence the opposition. Who will provide the leadership to fight this?

For a while, Frieda was on the Green Delaware Steering Committee and hosted many meetings at her home.

A one-sentence epitaph for Frieda Berryhill "She was fearless, and she was right."

"When comes such another?"

Green Delaware is a community based organization working on environment and public health issues. We try to provide information you can use. Please consider contributing or volunteering. Reach us at 302.834.3466,, or Box 69, Port Penn, DE, USA, 19731-0069

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The latest solution to the problem:



April 26 1986


The Chernobyl nuclear power plant in the then Ukrainian Soviet Republic had a meltdown, spreading radiation as far away as North America  and leading to the evacuation and resettlement of 336,000 people.

 (Indeed the Milk in Wilmington DE Was contaminated a month later)


The building holding the reactor was covered with a concrete sarcophagus which soon started to crumble.


Work is finally under way on a “solution” with

 contribution from other States, including the US .


The solution :

10 years in the planning, is an enormous  steel arch, to be built in sections, then moved on tracks over the reactor. At 345 feet, it will be taller then the statue of liberty, and wider, at 840 feet then the St. Louis Gateway Arch.

Not only is the project  huge, so is the cost at 1.5 Billion Dollars . The United States is the largest single donor.


Chernobyl is still poisoning the rest of the world !!!! Emissions travel around the globe.


CBS News was on the site less then 10 minutes when one of the group  went over his exposure limit.


Here is the part that is almost ridicules :

The steel arch is supposed to keep the radiation for at least  100 years while future generation figure out how to dispose of the mess.


100 years for poisons with a half-life of a 1,000 years and more ?


The ( London ) Times remarked in 1957 “Atomic energy has the power to evoke fantasies. as a fairy godmother  source of cheap energy.”

But the delusions are not uniquely British. In the U.S. in the 50’s they not only talked of nuclear power being    “to cheap to meter” but Robert Hutchins, president of the University of Chicago , predicted “heat will be so plentiful that it will even be used to melt snow as it falls”


The Nuclear proponents have not told the truth since
















































Has it been this long?

On March 28, 1979 at 4:00 AM, a minor malfunction occurred in the system which feeds water to the steam generators at the Three Mile Island (TMI) Unit 2 Nuclear Generating Station. This event led eventually to the most serious commercial nuclear accident in  and fundamental changes in the way nuclear power plants were operated and regulated.



Why would NRC select this time ….to ponder a license renewal for TMI in particular.  (These plants were built  to last only 30 years for safety reasons)


"The NRC has decided to hold public meetings for the TMI-1 license renewal supplement to the GEIS. The scoping meetings will be held on Thursday, May 1, 2008; there will be two sessions at two different locations to accommodate interested parties. The first session will be held at The Elks Theatre, 4 West Emaus Street , Middletown , PA 17057 , and will convene at 1:30 p.m. and will continue until 4:30 p.m., as necessary. The second session will be held at Londonderry Elementary School , 260 Schoolhouse Road , Middletown , PA 17057 , and will convene at 7 p.m. with a repeat of the overview portions of the afternoon meeting and will continue until 10 p.m., as necessary."


Participation will be fierce.


In the meantime  our legacy :

53 million gallons in danger of leaking

Transfer of waste to safer containers is lagging

Called by state regulators "the most toxic waste known to this environment," the 53 million gallons of waste sit in 177 massive, buried tanks near the Columbia River . Intended for short-term use, some of the tanks are more than a half-century old…………At the current rate of funding, tanks at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation won't be emptied for decades -- maybe even a century………Some of the risks are catastrophic -- tanks so rotted that they collapse under the weight of pumps and other gear used to remove the waste, or shake apart in an earthquake. …..Already about 1.2 million gallons of waste have leaked from the tanks. The waste hasn't reached the Columbia River , but it has seeped into pools of groundwater deep beneath the tanks.   Read the whole sorry story.

http://seattlepi. nwsource. com/local/ 355909_tanks21. html

It’s the same everywhere:

The Savannah River Site is a sprawling defense industry complex of 310 square miles which processes and stores nuclear materials…..

Federal law currently requires the government to encapsulate this waste in glass and bury it deep underground as set forth in the Atomic Energy Act of 1954 and the Nuclear Waste Policy Act of 1982.  However


Don’t hold your breath . It took 50 years at the Savannah River site to clean up 2 tanks (out of 52)

Returning all the sites to a ``green field,'' or pristine, condition would cost $500 billion, DOE officials said. …..

DOE officials could only name two facilities - the Fernald plant in Ohio and the Pinellas plant in Florida - that might be restored to a ``green field'' state. But even those plants would be restricted to heavy industrial use, with some areas walled off from public access. ………..The land around all these facilities will eventually be contaminated with tritium. In fact Salem is leaking tritium as we speak. NRC assured me  “THE LEAKAGE HAS NOT PROGRESSED “ OFF SITE”. …………….NOT YET !!!!!!  Will Artificial Island be “walled off” ?


Now I am asking ? Do you really think that the waste stored at nuclear power plants will fare any better.? Will the proponents of CHEAP , CLEAN nuclear power ever begin to consider the cleanup of the mess they leave behind?

I just thought you would like to know.
























































As Nuclear Waste Languishes, Expense to U.S. Rises

Published: February 17, 2008

WASHINGTON — Forgotten but not gone, the waste from more than 100 nuclear reactors that the federal government was supposed to start accepting for burial 10 years ago is still at the reactor sites, at least 20 years behind schedule. But it is making itself felt in the federal budget.

With court orders and settlements, the federal government has already paid the utilities $342 million, but is virtually certain to pay a total of at least $7 billion in the next few years and probably over $11 billion, government officials said. The industry said the total could reach $35 billion.

The payments come from an obscure and poorly understood government account that requires no new Congressional appropriations, and will balloon in size, experts said.

The payments are due because the reactor owners were all required to sign contracts with the Energy Department in the early 1980s, with the government promising to dispose of the waste for a fee of a 10th of a cent per kilowatt-hour. It was supposed to begin taking away the fuel in the then far-off year of 1998.

Since then, the utilities have filed 60 lawsuits. The main argument — employing legions of lawyers on both sides — is when the government would have picked up the fuel if it had adhered to the original commitment, and thus how much of the storage expense would have fallen on the utilities anyway.

But the damage number is rising. If the repository that the government is trying to develop at Yucca Mountain, near Las Vegas, could start accepting waste at the date now officially projected, in 2017, the damages would run about $7 billion, according to Edward F. Sproat III, director of the Office of Civilian Radioactive Waste Management.

But that date is actually “clearly out the window,” Mr. Sproat said in a conference call with reporters, because Congress underfinanced the effort to build the repository, among other problems, he said. Mr. Sproat said the goal of applying by this June for a license to build Yucca could no longer be met.

If the repository opens in 2020, the damages would come to about $11 billion, he said, and for each year beyond that, about $500 million more. The industry says the total could reach $35 billion.

“The rate-payer has paid for it,” said Michael Bauser, the associate general counsel of the Nuclear Energy Institute, the industry’s trade group. “The Department of Energy hasn’t done it, and now the taxpayer is paying for it a second time.”

Initially, the Energy Department tried to pay the damages out of the Nuclear Waste Fund, the money collected from the nuclear utilities, plus interest, which comes to about $30 billion. But other utilities sued, saying that if the government did that, there might not be enough money left for the intended purpose, building a repository. So the government now pays the damages out of general revenues.

The damages are large relative to the annual budget of the Energy Department, which is about $25 billion. But the money comes out of the Treasury, not the Energy Department. Under a law passed in the Carter administration, such payments are recognized as obligations of the federal government and no further action by Congress is required to make them.

The money comes out of a federal account called the Judgment Fund, which is used to pay settlements and court-ordered payments. For the last five years, the fund has made payments in the range of $700 million to $1 billion, with the average payment being $80,000 to $150,000. In contrast, payments to utilities have been in the tens of millions.

The government is also running up extra expenses on its own wastes. Some of the waste that is supposed to go to Yucca, left over from nuclear weapons production, is sitting in storage that is expensive to maintain.

Some extra expense was assured, because Yucca has been beset with legal and managerial problems, and it is not clear whether the geology is suitable for the goal, storing the waste for a million years with only very small radiation doses for people beyond the site boundary. The interim solution is storing wastes in steel casks, pumped full of inert gas to prevent corrosion, an arrangement that will keep the wastes isolated for decades at least.

At some point, the escalating costs slow down, because some of the expenses for dry storage are incurred only once, like the engineering work, or installation of a crane to get the cask in and out of the spent fuel pool, officials said. But costs rise again at the point where the reactor that generated the fuel becomes too old to run, and is torn down; at that point, the entire expense of the guard force and the maintenance workers are attributable to the waste.

That has already happened in California , Connecticut , Maine , Massachusetts and Michigan . Jay Silberg, a lawyer who represents some of the utilities, said some companies that had sold reactors were suing the government and maintaining that they could have gotten a higher price if their plants had not come with the waste attached.

Each reactor typically creates about 20 tons of waste a year, which is approximately two new casks, at roughly $1 million each. If a repository or interim site opened, clearing the backlog would take decades, experts say. At present, waste is in temporary storage at 122 sites in 39 states.

The Energy Department has launched an initiative to gather the waste and run it through a factory to recover re-usable components, which would allow centralized storage, but that program’s prospects are highly uncertain.

The government has spent $11 billion on Yucca Mountain , Mr. Sproat said. The project has dragged on so long that some of the research data is stored on obsolete computers that must be replaced, program officials said.



Lets proceed with clean Wind and Solar Power PRONTO !!!!

The push for new nuclear power plants keeps getting weaker . Another one is about to come face to face with reality.

Savannah, GA—A recent ruling by the Atomic Safety and Licensing Board’s three-judge panel Upheld concerns that several environmental organizations have raised over water impacts to the Savannah River from proposed nuclear power expansion in Georgia. …………Environmental groups requested that .the company withdraw its permit application to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission for this expansion. ……….Sara Barczak of Southern Alliance for Clean Energy. “Investing in efficiency and renewables instead of costly nuclear power would benefit the company and provide more jobs, without draining our water resources or our pocketbooks.”……………….. Janet Marsh, Executive Director of the Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League said, “Drought conditions in the Southeast are both dramatic and dangerous. ………………..Bobbie Paul of Atlanta WAND summed up the organizations’ objections, “Southern Company continues to pursue building an extremely expensive dinosaur even when clean and sensible energy sources exist that don’t cause us to fear radioactive leaks, a meltdown, or a terrorist attack. We hope the company will change course.”………… David Kyler, executive director of the Center for a Sustainable Coast, agreed, stating that, “Georgia would make far better use of the state’s natural resources by turning away from nuclear and fossil fuel power sources toward a combination of energy conservation measures and the harvesting of our vast offshore wind energy.” To download the full letter and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s Atomic Safety and Licensing Board’s January ruling, visit

This was truly a David vs. Goliath effort. The case now goes to the NRC.

With the cancellation of Midlands Nuclear plant in Idaho, and Florida’s reconsideration concerning COST, the dream of a nuclear renaissance is fading fast.

There is no money for cleanup of 36,000 thousands of contaminated sites ! do we need to make more ?

Feds say money lacking for planned removal of Moab-area radioactive tailings

By Matt Canham
The Salt Lake Tribune

Article Last Updated: 02/08/2008 06:38:45 AM MST

WASHINGTON - The radioactive waste pile on the banks of the Colorado River will just have to wait.
Despite a congressional mandate to remove the mountain of uranium tailings and contaminated soil by 2019, Energy Secretary Samuel Bodman told House members Thursday that his department won't finish the project until 2025 or later……………..

Thursday, Feb. 07, 2008

State senators consider Hanford waste ban


The son of Hanford waste Initiative 297 was back in the Washington state Senate on Wednesday. It is the same everywhere !Where do we go with this eternally poisonous waste

It is the same in Australia

No decision yet on NT nuclear waste dump

Posted Thu Feb 7, 2008 10:48am AEDT
Updated Thu Feb 7, 2008 1:23pm AEDT

The Federal Government says it hasn't yet made a decision on whether to go ahead with a nuclear waste dump at Muckaty Station in the Northern Territory.

And Italy is still requesting to bring THEIR nuclear waste to this country

Salt Lake City Tribune :

Speak now ... Or forever hold Italy's nuclear waste

Tribune Editorial

Article Last Updated: 02/06/2008 11:35:45 PM MST

Opposition is mounting against EnergySolutions Inc.'s proposal to import low-level radioactive waste from Italy's dismantled nuclear power industry. And if company officials have their way, and the NRC sets a dangerous precedent by granting the high-volume import license, the facility may eventually serve much of Europe, where public outrage has prevented the development of even low-level disposal sites.
While the board is powerless to stop the plan, the Northwest Interstate Compact on Low-Level Radioactive Waste Management, which controls the flow of waste to the EnergySolutions disposal facility, apparently is not.


My Statement Senate Hearings Feb.7 2008

My name is Frieda Berryhill, I was an Intervener in Delamarva’s proposed Nuclear Power Complex in the early 1970’s I won that fight and I intend to win this one.(laughter)

My first question to you is “What are we doing here tonight ?”

There we were in Wilmington, months ago. Testifying before the Public Service Commission. At least 200 people in the room, dozens testifying, all promoting wind power for Delaware. (there was of course the 3 or 4 people speaking for Delmarva present) The process was repeated throughout the State with the same result.

A large number of letters were written to the PCS.

School was out on the subject . A decision was to be made.

I agree with Representative Kowalko who wrote in the News Journal on January 31 “Reopening the debate after the record was closed and the evidence already in and available is raising serious doubt in the publics mind” We all suspect by now that something sinister may be going on here ( others questioned the need for this hearing using stronger language)

My next question is “ why do we spend money and effort to re-invent the wheel. Every wind farm in the world can be examined and explored via the internet . I have done so and I almost feel like I can build one myself by now (laughter) I do not know where these opponent to the project who just testified as to the failure of Winfarm in Europe get their information ? So, I will give you the very latest News Releases you should be familiar with.

On January 3 2008

The European Wind Energy Assn, with 27 member states released the report of it’s decision of a massive commitment to Wind power…. And on

January 18 2008

The Global Wind Energy Council released the following

“The Global Wind Energy Markets have seen a record year in 2007 with a 20 GW of new installations up by 30% compared to the new installations of 2006 The sum of the worlds total installation has increases by 27% to reach over 94 GW by the end of 2007.

Again I ask, Where do this opponents get their figures?

Where did all this increase in Wind power come from….Denmark, Sweden, The Netherlands Germany etc.

From the Hills of Austria to the plains of Morocco, yes Morocco ready and future wind mills will be blowing.(goggle it)

More importantly :

Stanford University researchers have just come out with a new study, stating as follows:

“After analyzing more then 8,000 wind speed measurements to identify the worlds wind power potential for the fist time, let me quote verbatim from the report:

“ The authors found that the locations with sustainable class 3 winds could produce approximately 72 Terawatts. A Terawatt is 1 trillion watts, the power generated by more then 500 nuclear reactors or a 1,000 coal fired plants”. The study is supported by NASA and Stanford’s Global Climate and Energy Project.

All this leads to the question , what is the alternative ?

Certainly Solar Power is beginning to make an impact .

Nuclear Power ?

This hysterical promotion of a new nuclear renaissance is already falling apart. Those companies who expressed an interest are finding rough going. In Idaho, an official of Midland Nuclear Energy decided to end its pursuit of a nuclear energy plant in southwest Idaho . The reason given” It does not make economic sense to pursue the project.”

Warren Buffet owns a great deal of Midland, and as someone said “Mr. Buffet would certainly know if you could make money off nukes”.

Florida Power & Light’s wish list for a nuclear plant had a rude awakening when it announced last month that the project would cost up to $18 Billion. Only God knows what the cost will be upon completion by 2020.

What are those opponents of Wind power talking about ? I just heard them say “Wind mills are not reliable, what if the wind does not blow “ How uninformed are they. During the of 2007 heat wave massive nuclear plants had to be closed down because of lack of water.

So what are the alternatives ?

Coal ?

‘Clean Coal” is an oxymoron ! And I defy anyone to refer me to a clean burning coal plant .

So, I ask . What is holding up this Wind power project for Delaware ?

Wind is a “domestic” power source

Wind is not subject to price gauging

Wind is a power source that lasts forever, when the Wind stops blowing in Rehoboth we will all be gone.


Published: January 15, 2008

Progress Energy Florida is going to have to spend more than originally planned to build two nuclear reactors in Levy County , the utility's top executive said….. The St. Petersburg-based utility won't disclose how much more expensive the project will be until it's presented to state regulators within 90 days. I can see  why !


FPL, based in Juno Beach , said recently that the "overnight cost" of its two-reactor project would range from $12 billion to $18 billion,…..pretty soon you’re talking about REAL money Overnight estimates exclude the interest paid on the loan and are based on commodity prices when the estimate is made…………….

Normally, construction costs are passed on to customers once the plant begins generating power. Under a new Florida law, utilities can begin recovering the cost of building a nuclear plant years before the first watt of power is produced. ,    We called it “construction work in progress” DP&L got the same deal in Delaware. A sweet deal indeed. I we go bankrupt, you’re going with us……..

Meanwhile, the cost for solar, wind and energy efficiency are on a downward trend." …….I just thought you would like to know.


This is something you may want to read

http://www.latimes. com/news/ nationworld/ nation/la- na-nuke6jan06, 0,4219937. story?coll= la-home-center


How the U.S. seeks to avert nuclear terror

Email Picture

‘MUCH BETTER PREPARED’: Retired Rear Adm. Joseph J. Krol, head of the National Nuclear Security Administration’s Office of Emergency Operations, with a radiation-detecting helicopter.

Scientists scan cities. Response teams are ready. And if there were a lethal device, experts would work on tracing the source.

By Ralph Vartabedian, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
January 6, 2008

About every three days, unknown to most Americans, an elite team of federal scientists hits the streets in the fight against nuclear terrorism……….So far, they have not encountered a terrorist.

 Near the Las Vegas Strip, they investigated a homeless person who somehow had picked up a piece of radioactive material. On the streets of Manhattan , a hot-dog vendor fresh from a medical test triggered a policeman's radioactivity sensor…….Wow !

Gee, Salem is leaking tritium, I would like them to come and let me know if it is still confined to “On site”

They are fighting everywhere !

Nuclear waste plan spurs S.C. ire

Trash from Italy, which has no dump, would go through Charleston


The ( Columbia ) State

critics say solving Italy 's low-level waste problem isn't an American responsibility -- and it's an issue Congress should address………….



Importing nuclear waste

U.S. needs to find solutions for its own waste before importing more

Published: Thursday, January 3, 2008



Anti-Nuclear Group Fights Third Reactor

County Supports Calvert Cliffs Plans

By Dan Morse

Washington Post Staff Writer
Sunday, January 6, 2008; Page SM01

Maryland PIRG, a consumer advocacy and environmental group that once depicted Lusby on the cover of a report as ground zero for a nuclear catastrophe, has intervened in the state regulatory process that will help determine whether construction of a third reactor at the Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant will be approved. …..Again the main question “ what are you going to do with the waste ???

How activism works !


One of Obama’s fundraisers just called asking me to support no contributions to candidates in amounts above $2,300. It was with great pleasure that I had the chance to tell him that our climate-crisis- vulnerable state did not need a president who supports multibillion dollar utilities corporations falsely attempting to avert climate change when all they really want is the federal subsidies and guaranteed highest ratepayer revenues for building dirty and/or hazardous power plants. This money needs to be spent on sustainable energy development and conservation. We have no hope of evacuating the Miami metro area any more than we can protect the ocean from radioactive contaminants if the sea reclaims the plant and its associated waste storage. Mr. Obama, thanks but no thanks from “the sunshine state”!


Just in:  That's a lot of risk for one community ? York County I have news for you.

Peach Bottom is a nuclear power installation about 90 miles from Philadelphia, less than 100 miles from Washington, D.C., and less than 200 miles from New York City:

normal_peach_bottom_ifr.jpgParts of York County are within the ten mile Emergency Planning Zone (EPZ) of two nuclear power plants-Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station and Three Mile Island (TMI) Nuclear Power Plant. ” aa That’s a lot of risk for one community; let’s hope their evacuation planning and preparedness are in good shape. (Link to Acrobat/.pdf file on York County website).


And they think that's a problem ? Mow just move the map slightly to the south  make Wilmington and Philadelphia  the center and you will have WITHIN   a 50 mile radius  Peach Bottom 1 and 2, Limerick 1and 2 . Salem 1 and 2 and Hope Creek 1 with number 2 on the wishlist.

Yes, all between Washington and New York !


Could it be that somebody is getting worried?

U.S. Courts have decreed that the federal government must come up with a system for managing nuclear wastes that will ensure the safety of the public and environment for one million years, a period that is 200 times the length of recorded history.

And how are we figure in the costs of this managing of nuclear wastes?  And are those costs figured into the cost of nuke power today? 

Managing Nuclear Wastes for the Millennium

On Jan. 7-8, a symposium titled "Uncertainty in Long-Term Planning - Nuclear Waste Management, a Case Study" will bring experts together from government, industry, academia and the environmental community on the Vanderbilt campus in order to identify potential paths for accomplishing this unprecedented goal and to evaluate their associated risks and uncertainties. ............ .About time !!
After 60 years of dumping radioactive waste all over the country, with countless billions of dollars needed for cleanup, which has now become an impossible task. This does not prevent the present administration to request $25 billion in subsidies to build new nukes. (the bill passed the Senate  now goes back to the house)
What happens if someone tells the truth ?
Peach Bottom Whistleblower fired:
Washington, DC - Kerry Beal, a whistleblower who exposed overworked and exhausted guards at the Peach Bottom Nuclear Power Plant, was notified this week by owner Exelon Nuclear that he “did not meet the selection criteria” for continuing to work at the plant.
Beal filmed guards sleeping at the plant only after his efforts to notify Wackenhut (Exelon’s Peach Bottom security contractor) and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) of the regular occurrence of sleeping guards were met with inaction.... ........This is not the first time, I can name a few others in other plants.
"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act"
George Orwell
This is a rather interesting video made Chevron if you care to watch



Nuclear Loan Guarantees: How Could It Get Worse?


We are hearing that Senate-House appropriators are near agreement on a loan guarantee package that looks like this:


$25 billion for nukes

$10 billion for renewables

$10 billion for coal to liquids

$2 billion for uranium enrichment

$2 billion for coal to gas


While the $10 billion for renewables might be welcome, the package as a whole reflects misplaced priorities and a lost opportunity to address the climate crisis. Indeed, such an energy policy would make things far worse and make it much harder to reduce carbon emissions.


Throwing taxpayer money at wealthy utilities is not the way toward a sane, sustainable energy future.


*Please call your Senators and Representative tomorrow  No loan guarantees for nuclear power (nor coal!)! Tell them to reject the entire omnibus appropriations bill if it includes such loan guarantees.


Yogi Goswami, a UF professor of mechanical engineering and director of UF’s Solar Energy and Energy Conversion Laboratory. “............ ......

If you have not seen this 60 min report, please take the time to watch this video. (Remember this does not include the thousands of other contaminated sites all over the country with No money for cleanup)bear with the first few seconds
Cheap, clean  nuclear power anyone ?
As if this is not enough

French nuclear waste being stored in the U.S.?

prominent researcher shared a nuclear secret today that he said not even everyone in the U.S. Department of Energy knows....
We are already bringing it in from Spain. Italy.....
This comes under the "can you believe it category !!
Europe should handle its own nuclear waste

..........The license being sought by EnergySolutions would allow the company to bring 20,000 tons of nuclear waste from Italy to the United States, through the ports of Charleston, S.C., and New Orleans, then by rail, barge and truck to Tennessee beginning next spring and continuing for five years. It could be buried in Utah or stay here........ ....

http://dnj.midsouth 80/apps/pbcs. dll/article? AID=/20071207/ OPINION01/ 712070318/ 1016



For more than 30 years I have been "complaining" about nuclear power. So, here is one more positive mail. After this I go back to complaining again.
Thanks for listening
10 minutes of your time, play all 3 videos
Danish Island Is Energy Self-Sufficient

The Danish island of Samso gets power from wind turbines and sells the extra electricity back to the mainland. (CBS)


Living A Green Dream

The island of Samso in Denmark is not very far from its goal of being energy self-sufficient. The residents of this island share some of their ingenious ideas with Mark Phillips.


 This is just a fraction of the New visions to provide power. Yes, I could go on...There is much more but I don't expect you to read it. The purpose of this mail is to tell you.........
Nuclear power is  expensive, it' s waste is deadly for thousands of years and one accident can contaminate an "area the size of Pennsylvania" !!! So said the Governments own report. Read on :

PG&E embraces solar thermal power technology
2007-11-05, San Francisco Chronicle (San Francisco's leading newspaper)
Posted: 2007-11-18 10:33:53
http://www.sfgate. com/cgi-bin/ article.cgi? f=/c/a/2007/ 11/05/BUBTT5KM2. DTL

As California utilities scramble to buy more renewable energy, Pacific Gas and Electric Co. and a Palo Alto startup will announce plans today to build a solar power plant big enough to light more than 132,000 homes


The Greenest Green Fuel
2007-07-01, Popular Science magazine
Posted: 2007-11-02 16:12:59
http://www.popsci. com/popsci/ science/ee6d4d43 29703110vgnvcm10 00004eecbccdrcrd ...

Algae seems a strange contender for the mantle of World’s Next Great Fuel, but the green goop has several qualities in its favor. Algae, made up of simple aquatic organisms that capture light energy through photosynthesis, produces vegetable oil. Vegetable oil, in turn, can be transformed into biodiesel, which can be used to power just about any diesel engine. Algae has some important advantages over other oil-producing crops, like canola and soybeans. It can be grown in almost any enclosed space, it multiplies like gangbusters, and it requires very few inputs to flourish—mainly just sunlight, water and carbon dioxide.

Take water and potash, add electricity and get - a mystery
2003-05-18, Telegraph (One of the U.K.'s leading newspapers)
Posted: 2007-09-29 08:20:26
http://www.telegrap main.jhtml? xml=/news/ 2003/05/18/ ncell18.xml&s...

British researchers believe that they have made a groundbreaking scientific discovery after apparently managing to "create" energy from hydrogen atoms. In results independently verified at Bristol University, a team from Gardner Watts - an environmental technology company - show a "thermal energy cell" which appears to produce hundreds of times more energy than that put into it. If the findings are correct and can be reproduced on a commercial scale, the thermal energy cell could become a feature of every home, heating water for a fraction of the cost and cutting fuel bills by at least 90 per cent.

Green-tech startup says battery's time has passed
2007-09-04, Associated Press
Posted: 2007-09-14 19:57:40
http://www.dailybre /articles/ 9556542.html

Millions of inventions pass quietly through the U.S. patent office each year. Patent No. 7,033,406 did, too, until energy insiders spotted six words in the filing that sounded like a death knell for the internal combustion engine. An Austin-based startup called EEStor promised "technologies for replacement of electrochemical batteries," meaning a motorist could plug in a car for five minutes and drive 500 miles roundtrip between Dallas and Houston without gasoline.

8 technologies for a green future
2007-01-26, CNN
Posted: 2007-02-15 11:39:01
http://money. s/business2/ business2_ archive/2007/ 02/01/8398988. ..

The planet's most pressing environmental problems ... may seem just too big to be solved with today's technology. But don't despair: A lot of bright minds are working on futuristic projects that promise to make the world greener. I

A Rising Wave Of Tidal Power
2006-11-04, CBS News/Associated Press
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http://www.cbsnews. com/stories/ 2006/11/04/ business/ main2153298. shtml


In the quest for oil-free power, a handful of small companies are staking claims on the boundless energy of the rising and ebbing sea. The technology that would draw energy from ocean tides..


"The reprocessing is being promoted as part of the administration' s Global Nuclear Energy Partnership (GNEP),"
Finally !!!! Just in.

Bush's Nuclear 'Reprocessing' Plan Under Fire

NEW YORK, Nov 26 (OneWorld) - The Bush administration is pushing for plans to reuse spent nuclear fuel in power reactors across the United States, but key senators and nuclear analysts have raised economic and security concerns about reusing the weapons-grade fuel.
We have serious concerns about the implications of current plans for commercial spent fuel reprocessing, " a group of seven Democratic and one Republican senators told Byron Dorgan (D-ND), chairman of the Senate Subcommittee on Energy and Water Development Appropriations, in a letter last week.....
The reprocessing is being promoted as part of the administration' s Global Nuclear Energy Partnership (GNEP),..... ..Those who signed the letter include Senators Russ Feingold (D-WI), Ron Wyden (D-OR), John Sununu (R-NH), Tom Harkin (D-IA), Bernard Sanders (D-VT), John Kerry (D-MA), Daniel Akaka (D-HI), and Edward Kennedy (D-MA). ...........Arms control Activists have welcomed the senators' call for funding cuts and said their letter reflects a growing skepticism in Congress about the administration' s reprocessing initiative.
.....The Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources recently held a hearing on GNEP where many of its members expressed their concerns and raised serious questions about the Energy Department's plans. ....In addition to the senators' objections, the administration' s current proposal has also been criticized by the National Academy of Sciences (NAS), a pro bono committee of experts that advises the federal government on scientific issues
For the full report see

Activists !!! Great job !!


The World Nuclear Industry Status Report 2007, commissioned by the Greens-European Free Alliance group in the European Parliament, is packed with statistics and graphs pointing to the decline of the industry.  The report, released last week, is by independent consultants.  

Brussels 21.11.2007

The role of nuclear energy is in decline, according to a report 'World Nuclear Industry Status Report 2007' presented by the Greens/EFA group in the European Parliament today. The report outlines that the proportion of nuclear energy in power production has decreased in 21 out of 31 countries. Commenting on the report and this nuclear decline, German Green MEP and energy spokesperson Rebecca Harms stated:

"In stark contrast to the claims of the nuclear industry and its talk of a renaissance, nuclear energy is in decline. The shrinking of nuclear in Europe is particularly notable, with ten power plants being permanently withdrawn from the network since the last report in 2004.With fewer plants being built and existing plants becoming more decrepit, it seems clear that the grandiose ambitions of the nuclear industry will remain in the realm of fantasy."

False promises for a nuclear revival could lead to misplaced public expenditure, delaying a more intelligent and sustainable approach to energy supply.

For the full report go to

http://www.greens- default/rubrik/ 6/6270.greensefa _org@en.htm

No more corporate handouts like the $50 billion that  congress will vote on  in the  coming energy bill... tell congress we had enough of this kind of corporate welfare Our future is being stolen.  Our health is being destroyed daily by nuclear power and nuclear weapons, and a trillion dollar accident -- something that costs more than both Gulf Wars and will kill more people -- could happen in an instant.
And from South Africa !!!
The real cost of power....... ......... nuclear power systems were not an option as they produced more carbon dioxide than fossil-fueled power stations.
“More uranium ore has to be processed each year to feed one nuclear power plant than the annual coal tonnage of coal consumed by a coal-fired power...
"All the kings horses and all the kings men.....".
Australia defeated Mr John Howard last week after 11 years in power,supporter of President Bush AND Fiercely PRO NUCLEAR..... . This after the demise of Toni Blair and Aznair of Spain....... ..

Labor Party head Kevin Rudd pledges on global warming and Iraq move Australia sharply away from policies that had made Howard one of President Bush's staunchest allies. Rudd will sign the Kyoto agreement..

More incoming waste as if we did not have enough.  IT"S A SHELLGAME
EnergySolutions taking heat
Lawmakers question the safety of accepting Italy's waste imports

A pair of lawmakers are questioning a bid by EnergySolutions Inc. to import 20,000 tons of radioactively contaminated material from Italy through ports in New Orleans and Charleston, W.Va., bound for the company's facility in Tennessee, with some of it ultimately reaching Utah.
    Rep. Joe Barton, R-Texas, and Rep. Ed Whitfield, R-Ky., both senior members on the House Energy and Commerce Committee, wrote to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) last week concerned that the company won't know what kind of waste it would be getting before it arrived in the ports. .....They still think they can use this crap for the production of consumer goods. We  have defeated this "solution" twice and will do it again. If you think this is bad consider this administration' s grandiose plan for GNEP (global nuclear energy partnership ) if this plan ever gets off the ground  the oceans will be filled with ships carrying HIGH LEVEL nuclear waste into this Country. GNEP means: "We sell you the nukes and take back the waste".
If you have not seen this video, pls take the time now



You can do it too !!!
Without a computer I intervened 30 years ago in DP&L's plan to build
 a nuke , now I can reach the world with the click of my finger. India Australia, South Africa and Europe. I get the responses from everywhere
Just thought you would like to know. See e mail below
I google every name before adding to my list, another wonderful invention.
It is the duty of every citizen according to his best capacities to give validity to his convictions in political affairs.
Albert Einstein,

Actor Alex Baldwin helped organize a huge anti - nuclear rally in a longtime effort to close the trouble ridden power plant Indian Point, just 18 miles from New York City.
At the press conference the movement dropped the ball and let the media be taken over by the pro-nuclear pundits. A telling story. Watch this video and see how enamored these reporters were with the propaganda spewing BIG SHOT and how they tried to push away the organizers of the event. I can just hear their NEWS when they get back to their stations.
You can see what we are up against. com:80/watch? v=WDNIU43Murs
"Moral of this story, if you don't have the heart and stamina to get involved in this fight, if you don't understand all the angles and nuances of what's lying ahead in our struggle for a radioactive free future... you won't make progress, you won't rally troops to present a unified front... the resulting chaos always benefits Entergy and the NRC... they fuel this state of perpetual doubt about the consequences their industry has on all living things."
You are so right Remy and thanks for this clip

I have just received the copy of a letter written by Attorney Generals of five states to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, questioning the practice of relicensing old nuclear plants . This is of course a great concern to those of us who understand  the dangers caused by  stress and deterioration of material, embrittlement, accumulation of radioactivity etc.
Since our own Beau Biden is a co-singer of this letter I just thanked him and would very much appreciate a note of thanks from all of us, to let him know his constituents care.
e mail to him here. scroll down to 
Please e-mail us with your questions or comments
http://attorneygene ral.delaware. gov/office/ contact.shtml
For explanation go here and scroll down to read the letter
http://www.oag. state.ny. us/press/ 2007/nov/ nov15a_07. html
We dish out a lot of criticism, let us be as generous with our thanks
Thank you all very much  for acting As Will Rogers said
Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there.
Those of you in New York, Connecticut, Illinois, Kentucky and Vermont you might want to do the same !
All others could copy the letter and question your Attny Gen. why he did not sign.

There is one Nuclear Power Plant in the world which was built, completed and then shot down by Referendum.  The people  spoke loud and clear. It

is the Zwentendorf reactor in Austria. In a small way I had helped the movement by simply supplying information (Austria being the country of my birth)

The plant, called Zwentendorf, was intended to be the first of six  Austrian nuclear plants. 18 miles from Vienna  Just imagine the hubris......Six nuclear reactors for a country with a population of only 8 million people (about the same as New York City)

Then came Chernobyl. Austria's first spring lettuce vegetables and strawberries had to be dumped, and farmers were only partially compensated. Children were not permitted to play in outdoor sandboxes.  The polls suddenly showed only 10% of the voters in favor of opening Zwentendorf. (I was there after Chernobyl and saw  what was happening).

 On November 5 1978 the voters said no to Zwentendorf. The Austrian nuclear power program came to a halt.

In spite of the warnings from the proZwentendorf side, there were no brownouts, and the country's economy did not collapse.

How often do we have to listen to these "dire"warnings of brown-outs and shortages from the nuclear industry in this country ?

Why is this News now? 

 This year the Austrian Scientific Community commissioned by the Government re-evaluated the nuclear option and its usefulness to curb global warming. The final report concluded what we always said : NUCLEAR POWER IS NEITHER CLEAN, CHEAP OR SAFE.

Please just read the preface

http://www.nirs. org/climate/ background/ austriangovtrepo rt607.pdf
To clarify:
The Shoreham Nuclear Plant, built by Long Island Lighting Co. was completed and not permitted to operate was not the result of plebiscite.






The democratic debate in Las Vegas last night stumped the candidates and entrapped them in their own stupid rhetoric when asked about nuclear power and what to do about the waste problem.

 Obama, when pressed, said that "something could be done" about nuclear waste, but could not articulate exactly what, except to store it onsite. Not a solution, he still thinks nuclear power should be part of the MIX
 Richardson once again fell back on this "new technology" gibberish  but  did not elaborate or say specifically what it was, , , there is nothing  about it anywhere on his websites. Trust me, if there were such a miraculous technology I would have heard about by now.
Clinton while not addressing the subject last night opposes the opening of Yucca Mountain, has no solution to the waste problem and joins the MIX option. Playing it safe
We will keep on working ,teaching these folks that "Energy Independence" a phrase they have used since the gas lines of the early 70's has lost it's meaning and is ineffective and fraudulent  in the use to promote nuclear power


Why is the opening of Yucca Mountain , the controversial nuclear waste repository a concern for Delawareans ? Here is why.

The Department of Energy's plan is for 319 barges of High level waste from Salem and Hope Creek to travel to the Port of Wilmington. These casks containing the waste could weigh over a 100 tons each, which would make recovery (if the casks are undamaged) very difficult. If damaged "Leakage of even a fraction of a casks content into the Delaware Bay could spell unprecedented catastrophe"
http://www.nirs. org/factsheets/ debargefactsheet 92804.pdf
Of course all waterways across the country are similarly affected. (Check out your own plan)
  • VA - James River PDF 55.96KB
  • DE - Delaware Bay PDF 49.78KB
  • NJ, NY, CT - Waters Surrounding New York City PDF 113.58KB
  • MA - Cape Cod Bay, Massachusetts Bay, and Boston Harbor PDF
  • IL, MI, WI - Lake Michigan PDF 61.44KB
  • LA, MS - Mississippi River PDF 56.19KB
  • TN, AL - Tennessee River PDF 52.18KB
  • NE, KS, MO - Missouri River PDF 59.11KB
  • CA - California Coast PDF 57.89KB
  • FL - Florida’s Atlantic Coastline PDF 53.22KB
    This, of course is just one phase of the transportation problem. When these thousands of shipments start traveling  by Rail and Highways, guarded by military convoys ,can we really expect a performance that is accident-free ? It is a terrorist dream ?
    In other news:
    The French are turning :
    Thousands in the streets this weekend protesting the building of a nuclear power plant near Marseille
    see video
    http://www.dailymot x3gmwd_tf120h101 12007_politics
     people in the streets of Marseille demonstrating November 10th against plans to build a new reactor near the city.



    The hearings on the mountains of mill tailings which are poisoning the land AND KILLING THE PEOPLE (emitting radon 222) seem to finally proceed and expose the scandals how the Government and Industry left these lands and people to deal with the devastation. 

    How many of these sites are in need of cleanup ? Nobody really knows.

     "According to a report, DOE anticipates that it may have stewardship responsibilities at as many as 129 sites.

     DOE may also assume responsibility for an uncertain number of sites under Section 151 (b) and (c) of the 1982 Nuclear Waste Policy Act "......... for others left by private companies the future is uncertain \

    The legislation, which had its beginnings five years ago and has undergone several transformations, (INACTIVITY I MIGHT SAY ) would forgive payment of nearly $9 billion that the nuclear utility industry owes to the Government for enriching crude uranium at Government-owned plants

     By now the countless $Billions WE pay from the front end to the backend of the nuclear fuel cycle make the phrase CHEAP NUCLEAR POWER almost criminal (So much for private enterprise at publics expense)

    Rivals push to stop waste site

    Clinton, Obama want to prevent creation of nuclear dump; move could hurt S.C.

    McClatchy Newspapers

    WASHINGTON — New York Sen. Hillary Clinton and Illinois Sen. Barack Obama on Wednesday declared themselves opposed to building a nuclear waste repository in Nevada, a clear indication that the 2008 presidential election could end a 25-year effort to build the controversial dump.

    Clinton delivered her opposition in person and Obama by letter as the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee held its first hearing on Yucca Mountain since Democrats took over Congress in January..... .........Yucca Mountain is beginning to implode..... ..$10 Billion sunk into that proverbial nuclear hole.  South Carolina refuses to accept any more waste. But the subsidies to the Nuclear Industry to encourage them to build more plants continue. GO FIGURE !




    Frieda's View


    The hearings in Washington. All hell broke lose!

    It finally happened !! It has been 30 years almost to the day since I testified as to the projected deaths from uranium mining and milling . On the record NRC acknowledged the correctness of my figures but did not know what to do about it.  SO,THEY DID NOTHING,  they are just now asking the question as to who is responsible. DOE ? NRC ? Industry?

    Uranium Legacy outrages Congress
    Waxman: 'The primary responsibility for this tragedy rests with the federal government'

    Panel rips into the Feds:
    Tells them they've had 30 years to cleanup uranium waste and have done nothing

    Special thanks goes to Kathy Helms who has written several articles. Thank you Kathy!

    By Kathy Helms
    Diné Bureau

    WINDOW ROCK — The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee plans to “hold feet to fire,” as Rep. Elijah Cummings succinctly put it, to ensure the Navajo people do not have to wait another 60 years to see something done about the contamination across Navajoland from past uranium mining and milling activities.

    “How about the 1,200 mines?” Davis asked, to which Geiser responded, “That was not the Department of Energy’s responsibility.” 

     Note: 1,200 mines ? Cheap nuclear Power anyone ?

    “Who is responsible for that? It’s not Energy,” Davis said. “The Navajos didn’t cause it, did they?”

    http://www.gallupin dependent. com:80/2007/ october/102707kh _pnlrpsfds. html


    100 million gallons of water pumped at Moab cleanup site

    Thursday, October 25, 2007

    An effort to clean up a 16 million ton pile of uranium mill tailings along the Colorado River near Moab, Utah, hit a milestone Wednesday with the removal of 100 million gallons of contaminated groundwater.

    The groundwater- removal project is an interim step in the cleanup, which will remove the tailings pile and haul it north to Crescent Junction.

    .....Up with that groundwater came 450,000 pound of ammonia and 1,900 pounds of uranium.

    http://www.gjsentin hp/content/ news/stories/ 2007/10/25/ 102507_3A_ Moab_cleanup. html

    The Press finally got into action

    Call for global ban

    http://americas. irc-online. org:80/amcit/ 3963

    You may click on anyone of the following articles if you wish to read them

    100 million gallons of water pumped at Moab cleanup site