New Jersey ’s Energy plan (just released) includes  Nukes


Short shrift is given to renewable’s  “solar energy is not cost competitive with other forms of electricity…”


If You can read the whole 57 page report  here, you have way too much time on your hands


http://www.nj. gov/emp/home/ docs/pdf/ strategies. pdf


 You can, however skip to page 46

“Consideration of the need for a new nuclear plant in New Jersey

Costs to Ratepayers ..not applicable

Savings to Ratepayers.. not applicable

Source of Funding ..not applicable…. Read: “ The states Utilities in their ordinary course  of  business  can undertake pilots at any time to improve the reliability of their infrastructure  and to increase operational efficiency . THE UTILITIES  COULD THEN PURSUE COST RECOVERY UNDER PRUDENT REVIEW  IN A PUBLIC  PROCESS “ (Sounds like  the usual blank check to me)

Performance Metrics be determined  after completion of public meetings

 The good news :

There is an army  with ton’s of knowledge and recourses ready for this battle.. reading the next two attachments makes me think that the dream of new nukes for NJ will becomes Corzine’s night mare


Public meetings will be completed  by the 4th quarter of 2008 I can hardly wait.


Governor Corzine’s Energy Plan Graded a “D”: Falls short on clean energy, advocates more power plants in New Jersey

Trenton, NJ – Governor Corzine released a draft of his 15-year Energy Master Plan today, and a broad coalition of environmentalists and clean energy advocates faulted the plan for lacking in vision and failing to realize New Jersey’s full clean energy potential………“New Jersey is at a historic crossroads,” said Dave Pringle of the NJ Environmental Federation. “Governor Corzine is missing the opportunity to truly go green, drive the 21st century economy, and rid ourselves of the 19th and 20th century technologies that saddle the state with so many environmental, public health and security problems. The question is not coal versus nuclear to keep the lights on, but rather those antiquated, dangerous technologies versus cutting edge clean renewable and efficient solutions……

 http://www.environm entnewjersey. org

More information and an open critic of the NRC’s failure to protect the public in the case of Salem

http://www.environm entnewjersey. org/uploads/ Oh/yf/Ohyf4- b-MKAA1Ozq3TRi9w /Powering- New-Jerseys- Future-A- Clean-Energy- Strategy- for-Replacing- the-Oyster- Creek-and- Salem-Nuclear- Plants.pdf

PS : The annual hearings before NRC and NJ officials concerned with operation of Salem  (evacuation ,and safety , irregularities etc.) will take place on April 30th 6-8 at the Holliday Inn, Bridgeport  I-295  Exit 10. Everyone may speak.

Anything New I will report back.