Chattanooga : Ex-TVA head blasts plans for nuke plants

By: Dave Flessner
Former TVA Chairman S. David Freeman returned to his native Chattanooga Thursday to denounce proposals by the Tennessee Valley Authority to build more nuclear reactors.


Unfortunately, the concern over global warming has provided an opening where the nuclear industry has risen up from the dead,” Mr. Freeman told reporters during a news conference        “There’s a whole new generation that didn’t live through the first nuclear era and frankly the industry is touting much more success than their record would support. The only thing new is the history we’ve forgotten.”…………………. As a TVA director from 1977 to 1984, Mr. Freeman voted to scrap many of the 17 reactors the federal utility planned to build as part of the nation’s most ambitious nuclear power program. Ultimately, only six of those reactors were finished and most of TVA’s $25 billion debt stems from the cost of their construction………Now can you imagine what TVA’S debt would be in $Billions had they proceeded with 17 reactors.


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I generally do not report on accidents and malfunctions at various plants, there are too many. (reported by the NRC) What does however needs to stop are  the delays in reporting of releases, the hiding of information and the constant downplaying of the “incident”. (NRC does not know how to spell “accident”) (anyone wishing these  reports I would be glad to forward)


Croatian Electrical Company Hid Info on Krsko

The Croatian Electrical Company held back information about a malfunction at the Krsko nuclear power plant for 3 hours.

ZAGREB, CROATIA – Zagreb media have slammed the Croatian government because Croatia was the last to learn about what was going on at the Krsko nuclear power plant which is located in Slovenia, as well as what kind of malfunction it was.

Despite the fact that a quarter of Croatian citizens live in and around Zagreb, the Croatian Electrical Company (HEP) held back information that there had been a malfunction at the plant for more than three hours, The Earth Times reported.

Security expert Pavle Kalinic said that he had been informed about the problem at the plant by friends in Austria and that he had estimated the situation as a threat to Zagreb , the paper reported.

According to Croatian media, Croatia were kept clueless, while all EU countries knew about the situation and had called for immediate action.

Krsko nuclear power plant director Stane Rozman told a Slovene radio this morning that the malfunction was not unusual for a nuclear power plant of this type and that shutting the plant down was usual practice.