Committed to Nuclear Power ? Now what ?



Paris :

“Thousands of protesters marched  in the city carrying banners with slogans “Stay inactive today and you’ll be radioactive tomorrow”

Greenpeace climb Eiffel Tower in nuclear protest

PARIS (Reuters) - About 15 environmental activists climbed the Eiffel Tower on Sunday to unfurl a banner protesting against France's nuclear energy policies,……..


French uranium leak prompts swimming , fishing and drinking ban  The consumption of well water in three towns in the Vaucluse region and the irrigation of crops using water from the Gaffiere and Lauzon rivers are also prohibited

Visitors to a popular French tourist region have been warned not to swim or fish in two rivers after uranium leaked from a factory.

Tricastin nuclear site near Avignon, France


Authorities say 18,000 liters of liquid containing unenriched uranium have leaked from the Tricastin nuclear site


………   France 's nuclear safety agency said liquid containing traces of unenriched uranium leaked from the Tricastin nuclear site near Avignon and that uranium concentrations in the Gaffiere river were initially about 1,000 times the normal levels. As usual the company is still down playing the incident.

Local authorities say 18,000 liters (4,755 gallons) containing 224 kilograms (493 pounds) of natural unenriched uranium escaped into the environment.

http://www.telegrap worldnews/ europe/france/ 2279320/French- uranium-leak- prompts-swimming -ban.html

French authorities keep water ban after nuclear leak

The Tricastin nuclear plant in Bollene.



by Staff Writers
Marseille , France (AFP) July 9, 2008
Residents in southern France were told not to drink water or eat fish from rivers on Wednesday following an uranium leak at a nuclear plant that Germany 's junior environment minister said was "not a small matter


Germany has sworn off nuclear power

Germany ’s oldest reactors from the 1970s will go offline by 2009 at the latest. All remaining reactors must be shut down by 2021. reports/French_ authorities_ keep_water_ ban_after_ nuclear_leak_ 999.html


A nuclear renaissance ? Don’t bet on it