by Karl Grossman


With Wall Street unwilling to finance new nuclear plants, U.S. Senators Joseph Lieberman of Connecticut and John Warner of Virginia have cooked up a scheme to provide $544 billion –­ yes, with a “b” — in subsidies for new nuclear power plant development.

Their move will be debated on the floor of the Senate Tuesday, June 3.

A Lieberman aide describes the plan as “the most historic incentive for nuclear in the history of the United States .”

Are they insane ?


YOUR money folks Wall Street is not buying !!!!!

Lets have s look what is happening locally

S.C. utilities staff: Duke should disclose nuclear plant's cost

Charlotte Business Journal - by John Downey Senior Staff Writer

South Carolina 's public advocate for utility issues has joined environmentalists in calling for Duke Energy Carolinas to disclose its new cost estimates for the proposed Lee Nuclear Station.

In 2005, Duke said the twin-reactor plant near Gaffney , S.C. , would cost $5 billion to $6 billion. But two Florida utilities have recently released estimates for two units similar to Duke's that peg their costs at $12.5 billion to $17.8 billion.

Duke has acknowledged its initial estimate is outdated and the plant will cost more, but it declines to say publicly how much more  ever since the “too cheap to meter” and “Inherently safe”statements, truth concerning nukes is hard to come by

http://www.bizjourn als.com/charlott e/stories/ 2008/04/14/ daily50.html

Cost of nuclear plant fuels battle

Price of new plants in North and South Carolina

John Murawski, Staff Writer

Nuclear critics are homing in on the staggering costs to lobby their case. It helps the opponents to have a dollar figure to object to, but electric utilities are reluctant to cooperate.

The cost estimates are available to state regulators, public officials and lawyers, as long as they sign confidentiality agreements. Hah a they come right out an say, we don’t want you to know……….

http://www.newsobse rver.com/ business/ story/1048035. html

from “The Nation” on cost.

……….The fact that new nukes make little economic sense does not mean that old nukes are not profitable. In fact, these nightmarishly complex radioactive boondoggles have recently been turned into cash cows. Utilities achieved this remarkable transformation the old-fashioned way--they used socialism.  Haha corporate  socialism is OK

Beginning in the 1990s, most American energy markets were deregulated one state, one region at a time. In the process many old utilities were broken up into different firms: some generated power, others sold it, still others handled transmission. One of the crucial details of deregulation was allowing utilities to pass on to rate payers the "stranded costs"--the outstanding mortgage payments of their nuclear power plants. Sounds familiar.

Read the whole article here:

http://www.thenatio n.com/doc/ 20080512/ parenti

In Florida

..... The Public Service Commission would review the project costs annually. But under a state law adopted in 2006, customers could begin paying for the project while it is being planned and built, said Cynthia L. Muir, a PSC spokeswoman………..this REAL socialism, Construction Work in Progress, you pay while we build………..and if we don’t finish, you lose.

Nuclear Florida


There is a reason Miami-Dade County in Southern Florida is the first place where America's utility industry is moving forward with new nuclear capacity in three decades.

In Miami, Florida Power & Light found public officials malleable as silly putty, willing to allow a local agreement with a wink to substitute for solid facts that the public had the right to know: where the cooling water will come from at a time of chronic drought, where the water--more than 50 million gallons per day-- will go when it is evaporated, and what will its effects be on public health and the environment.

This is South Florida where "take the money and run" should be lettered just below the print, STOP, on traffic signs.  The State of Florida has refused any more withdrawals from the Biscayne aquifer from municipalities and counties in South Florida . New water must be "made up" through industrial cleansing, polishing, and decontamination on a scale yet untested………… Just use your imagination……….

http://counterpunch .com/farago05132 008.html

None of this has stopped the Bush Administration and Congress from channeling more money toward nukes. The current push to build nukes began in 2002, when the Administration launched its Nuclear Power 2010 program,…………. Oh yes, we remember the Cheney Energy plan whose participants he refused to name.

And from Canada :

AECL pulls plug on reactors after millions spent


From Saturday's Globe and Mail

May 16, 2008 at 9:30 PM EDT

OTTAWA  — Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd. suffered another embarrassing setback Friday as the country's flagship nuclear corporation when it scrapped the development of two Maple isotope-producing reactors after pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into the project.

This is exactly what we want to avoid !!!!!!!!!   

there will be no massive nuclear renaissance. Talk of such a renaissance, however, helps keep people distracted, their minds off the real project of developing wind, solar, geothermal and tidal kinetics to build a green power grid.

Have no fear, wherever nukes are proposed the local groups are fighting, and fighting hard .