Dear President Obama:

The NRC blesses nuclear plants on earthquake prone land with other stupidities

The California Energy Commission (CEC) just issued a draft report on expected energy costs from various technologies, projected out to 2018 – just about the time any of the proposed new nuclear plants come on line.  The results are stunning.  Every renewable energy technology examined is projected to provide electricity cheaper than nuclear power, even giving nuclear the benefit of doubt on construction costs (which invariably have huge cost overruns). 

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission, (NRC) is accepting public comments on extending the operation of the Salem I, Salem II, and the Hope Creek nuclear plants by 50%. Nothing lasts forever.  When a nuclear plant is run longer than it was designed for, the risk of a multi-billion dollar disaster with great loss of life zooms up.  All these plants are in an earthquake prone region.  Some plants can cause more than a trillion dollars damage while crippling essential areas.  Every nuclear plant remains an attractive target for terrorism as proven by Al Qaida records that were seized. 

To extend operation for them by 50% represents extreme neglect of the public safety and welfare.   It was poor judgment that these plants were built there in the first place. Incredibly, PSE&G is considering putting another nuclear plant on this same location. 

The letter I received from Bruce A. Boger (August 24) of the NRC confirmed that these plants are not on solid rock. They rest on compacted engineering fill material or concrete, to a depth of approximately 70 feet.  The NRC presumes this will make them able to resist the worst assault an earthquake can deliver. This is wishful thinking.  


His letter also strengthened my critical judgment on other items mentioned below. 

Not only that, but fraudulent testimony has been given. The statement for operation extension says that the existing plants had no adverse effects on the Delaware Estuary.  In fact, Salem kills 3 billion fish annually. Environmental expert Robert F. Kennedy Jr. sued the EPA in 1993. Salem alone killed more than 3 billion Delaware River fish each year, according to the plant’s own consultant.  Fish kills are illegal and represent criminal acts. 


What can happen from building on unstable land was exemplified in Shanghai, China.  At around 5:30 AM on June 27, 2009 an unoccupied building, still under construction at Lianhuanan Road in the Mining district of Shanghai City toppled.  See it below.  (pictures not shown in this email - they are in the hardcopy letter) 


Note the pilings that were supposed to assure that the building was stable. (picture not shown in this email).


The NJ nukes are on Artificial Island in the Delaware River.  It was named Artificial because it was man-made with filled in land. There is a swamp on one side of the island with the river on the other side.  There is no solid rock underneath. Borings were made up to 100 feet deep. No rock was found.  The reactors are on pilings similar to the pilings shown in the collapsed Shanghai City building.  


The earthquake fault that the NJ plants are near rumbled on February 3, 2009.  The noise of geological shocks in February, terrified people in Morris County who thought the shocks were explosions as reported by The Star Ledger,  


The Morris County (NJ) quake had an intensity of 3.0.  That was a small event according to the US Geological Survey.  But much more intense earthquakes are due.  Earthquakes may occur a few times a year in New Jersey.  Some are so small that they are hardly noticed.  A biggie can happen in a hundred years or tomorrow.


In Japan, seven reactors at the Kashiwazi-Kariwa nuclear power plant in Japan were shut down due to an earthquake, fire and nuclear leak.  People were killed and injured by the 6.8 magnitude quake, which struck in July, 2007.  A new fire at the still shut down plant occurred in March, 2009.  600,000 residents signed a petition opposing restart of the plant. 


The arrogance of building nuclear plants in an earthquake prone area is almost unbelievable.  Believe it! This arrogance is also invested in other Nuclear Regulatory Commission rules.  


The NRC is still satisfied with a mere ten-mile evacuation zone around a nuke when poisons from Three Mile Island were blown hundreds of miles.  Poisons from Chernobyl were blown around the world?  The NRC’s satisfaction is idiotic.


The NRC continues support for the Price Anderson Act.  This federal law limits liability of a disaster to a microscopic fraction of the potential damage which will be incurred.  This Act reduces concerns of nuke owners, a very risky effect. This federal law actually abolishes the property rights of Americans to protect the property rights of nuclear plant owners. No other energy source requires this kind of unfair law.


The NRC continues to support the distribution of potassium iodide pills as an assurance that no one will be harmed from a disaster? These pills only protect against radioactive iodine.  The pills must be taken immediately and continue to be used for as long as radioactive iodine lingers in the environment.  The pills do nothing to protect against all of the other radioactive poisons, which are released.  This is no real assurance to anyone who is informed. 


The NRC continues to support ridiculously inadequate evacuation plans following a fuming meltdown at a nuke. 


The NRC continues to support idiotically inadequate protection against terrorist attacks.


The record of the NRC, including other shameful rulings, has earned it the reputation that the initials NRC stand for Nobody Really Cares.  The automatic relicensing of old and crumbling nuclear plants by the NRC emphasizes the truth of that reputation. 

All of the above represents technological prostitution.  At least girls of the night are honest in what they do. 

Cut the arrogance! Cut the stupidity!  Start protecting Americans.  An anything for profit paradigm has brought this great nation to the brink of destruction.  The NRC’s further actions can allow the final blow.  It is worse than unpatriotic. It is treason.  

As documented in my book, “Asleep at the Geiger Counter” published by Blue Dolphin Publishing Inc. The claims made for nuclear power violate the most elementary principles of physics, engineering, common sense, and decency.  Nuclear power cannot compete without endless multi-billion dollar subsidies, which have been draining the economy.  Despite shameful cover-ups and criminal fraud, nuclear power means cancer everywhere, birth defects forever, the undermining of our national defense, the loss of civil liberties, and considering serious net energy yield deficiencies, it actually delays genuine energy independence.

Liars for the industry deserve severe criminal penalties, because trillions of dollars and millions of lives are at stake. 

 Very truly yours,

 Sidney J. Goodman, P.E., M.S.M.E. , Professional Engineer NJ license 15326