Hello Norm:

Attached is the GE recommendation that owners inspect the recirc pump shafts after 80,000 hours of operation.

PSEG has operated the recirc pumps at Hope Creek to nearly 135,000 hours without yet inspecting the recirc pump shafts.

Apparently, it's GE's fault.

As you'll see, the guidance document is not clear about how soon after 80,000 hours to inspect.

PSEG can do the math to show that 135,000 hours is indeed after 80,000 hours - so they are in full compliance with the letter of GE's recommendation.

 If GE wanted the inspections done shortly after exceeding 80,000 hours of operation, they could have said so.

 NOTE: This is satire - except that PSEG actually used a line of logic very, very similar to this one when I was a consultant at Salem in 1996.

 Hope Creek had a requirement to test their control room charcoal filters after 1,100 hours of operation of the ventilation system.

Due to an error, the test was not done until the system had operated for about 1,800 hours.

The wizs in Nuclear Licensing actually tried to claim PSEG met the requirement (again, since 1,800 hours is after 1,100 hours), but lost.

PSEG reported this failure to the NRC.

Thanks,                                                                GE Service Letter (in pdf)