Atlantic County  needs iodide pills                    

Potassium iodide (KI) is better than nothing in the event of a catastrophic accident at the Salem or Oyster Creek nuclear plants. Because evacuation of the New Jersey shore in the event of a nuclear accident or radiological terrorist attack is virtually impossible, at least people will be protected from getting thyroid cancer.

 So I support The Press editorial on the KI issue and support Cape May County Freeholder John Mruz's efforts to provide KI to the citizens of       Cape May County.

 But now it is time for the Atlantic County freeholders to take some steps to protect the citizens of this county.

 Atlantic County is within the 50-mile zones of both Salem and Oyster Creek, with the northern portions of the county only 30 miles away. As we have seen with the smoke from the Quebec fires, even hundreds of miles is not protection enough in some cases.

Atlantic County should begin the process of stockpiling and distributing potassium iodide now, rather than waiting until an emergency, when it would be too late. I urge the Atlantic County freeholders to take action now.

Of course, PSE&G (owners of Salem) and Exelon (owners of Oyster Creek) could close their nuclear plants tomorrow and thus eliminate any threat of nuclear nightmare to the people of southern New Jersey. And, of course, our elected officials, from city councils all the way to the U.S. Senate, could be promoting alternative, renewable energy, so that we could phase out dangerous, aging and terrorist-targeted nuclear power plants

.PAUL WILLIAMS                     Atlantic City                   

 (Editor's note: Paul Williams is outreach coordinator for the UNPLUG Salem Campaign.)