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April 17, 2008
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Fish Kills in the Billions at Nuclear Plants: A new British study similar to a report we released in 2001 has found that coastal nuclear power plants take a huge toll on sea life, especially fish. In our landmark report: Licensed to Kill: How the nuclear power industry destroys endangered marine wildlife and ocean habitat to save money, we revealed that fish, fingerlings, sea turtles and other animals were killed and harmed and stocks depleted by the intake systems at nuclear reactors. Now, Dr. Peter Henderson, a researcher at Oxford University , has found that nuclear power intake systems in Britain are responsible for destroying as much as half the commercial catch for some species. "The number of animals killed is colossal,” Dr. Henderson told The Times.
Our View: The British study mirrors our own findings and sounds the alarm about the dangers posed by nuclear reactors to the aquatic environment. With fisheries already in trouble, new nuclear reactors could deliver the final blow. It is critical to halt production of electricity using a method that causes such severe destruction to critical species and their habitat.
What You Can Do: Is your local nuclear plant up for relicensing? Is it operating in violation of its state Clean Water Act permit? Does it use the “once-through” cooling system (i.e. no cooling towers)? If so, contact us. We can help you challenge fish kills and habitat destruction. And, please consider supporting our work on this important issue. We are updating our original report to include new data, particularly on the on-going – and increased – takings of endangered sea turtles. You can help protect these animals by making a contribution today.

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