Consideration of the Need for a New Nuclear Plant in New Jersey

Strategy Description

The State will hold public meetings to discuss the need for a new nuclear plant, including siting, permitting, financing and waste disposal issues.

Energy Savings or Energy Production

A new nuclear plant would generate a large amount of electricity, depending on the size of the plant.

Program Design

The current fleet of power plants in our State cannot be expected to supply all of the projected electricity needs, especially when much of the fleet is aging, expected to retire, or likely to be exporting its power. Even by maximizing renewable energy and energy efficiency it is likely that the State cannot meet its future energy needs without new generation. In addition, factoring greenhouse gas emission issues and costs requires the examination of additional nuclear power. A nuclear plant could help to mitigate energy and capacity prices.

The examination of building another nuclear plant in New Jersey will commence with a series of public meetings to review the need for and siting, permitting, financing and waste disposal issues associated with building a new plant. The analysis of the need for a new nuclear plant will include the feasibility of other types of technologies, including renewables with minimal or no carbon dioxide emissions meeting the Stateís electricity needs.

Costs to Ratepayers

Not applicable

Savings to Ratepayers

Not applicable

Affected Sector(s)

Electricity generators, Public Utilities, Municipalities, Environmental Groups, and Residential, Commercial and Industrial Customers

Administrative Costs

This initiative is not anticipated to result in additional costs to the State.

Responsible Party

Governorís Office of Policy

Timeline of Action

The public meetings will be completed in by the fourth quarter of 2008.

Draft EMP Strategies Develop New Low Carbon Emitting, Efficient Power Plants 46

Source of Funding

Not applicable

Performance Metrics

To be determined after completion of the public meetings.

section from:

Draft New Jersey Energy Master Plan Implementation Strategies

http://www.nj. gov/emp/home/ docs/pdf/ strategies. pdf