Sometimes when we think of a location we think in terms of miles that you must travel to reach that location. When you think of a Nuclear power plant (or in our case 3 power plants) think in terms of how the crow flies, as in "Down Wind".

Also think in terms of road and river locations that are used when shipping Radioactive materials in and out of  power plant locations.

15 Miles from plant location

25 Miles from plant location

50 Miles from plant location

Nuclear power "The too cheap to meter" power generator.

 Electrical power at what price?

 A design to generate electricity using radioactivity to boil water to create steam to turn turbines that generate electric.

A design that had no plans on what to do with the deadly waste material that it generated.   

What will future generations think when they look at a huge concrete block sitting on the landscape from a decommissioned nuclear power plant, or when they come across a site that has a skull and crossbones sign warning people to stay away as this is a nuclear waste site.

Maybe they will wonder, why we would create such a system that would leave such substances for them to deal with, and why we did not pursue environmentally responsible ways to generate electricity. 

They will look back at us as being wasteful and irresponsible in how we lived and managed our resources.

And they surely will look at us as not trying to protect their interest in the future.