Dr. Janette Sherman’s groundbreaking book, Life’s Delicate Balance, (now out of print) is available for sale from the UNPLUG Salem Campaign.

Cost is:  Paperback – 10.00 plus 2.00 shipping – 12.00 (buy 2 and shipping is 1.00 on 2nd book) 

              Hardcover  -  29.99, shipping included.

Volume discounts available; please let us know how many copies you need and we’ll get you a price quote.

Both books are signed and dated by Dr Sherman. List price on the paperback was 24.95 and on the hardcover, 74.95.

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Life’s Delicate Balance looks at many of the causes of breast cancer, and includes two chapters on radiation. Dr Sherman

looks at the synergistic connection between radiation and chemical pollutants.  Her book has been endorsed by Barbara Brenner,

Executive Director, Breast Cancer Action, Rose Marie Williams, President of the Cancer Awareness Coalition, and Kaye Kilburn, MD,

Professor of Medicine, UCLA School of Medicine.


After receiving her B. S. in both Biology and Chemistry from Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo Michigan in 1952, Dr. Sherman worked in radiation and biological research at the Atomic Energy Commission at the University of California Berkeley facility and in physiology research at Michigan State University She received her medical degree in 1964 from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan.  She completed four years of post graduate training and has practiced internal medicine and toxicology since 1970.  She has served as visiting scholar at Millersville University in Pennsylvania, and visiting lecturer at various universities in the US and Canada.

She received the Distinguished Alumna Award from Western Michigan University in 1989.

Dr. Sherman served on the advisory board for the Toxic Substances Control Act, US EPA from 1976-82; has been an advisor to the National Cancer Institute on breast cancer and to the US EPA on pesticides.  She has been a resource person and advisor for health advocacy groups concerning breast cancer, birth defects, pesticides, and toxic dump sites.  Currently, she is an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Sociology at Western Michigan University concerning research on causes of illnesses in workers.

Dr. Sherman is the author of some 70 articles concerning adverse effects from exposure to toxic agents, including chlordane, Dursban, lindane, DDT, PCBS, PBBS, dioxins, tamoxifen, DES, radiation, and others.  Her primary interest is the Prevention of illness and of harm through education of the public and the patient.

Currently in practice in Alexandria, Virginia, she evaluates causes of illnesses involving chemical and radiation exposure. 

She publishes and lectures in the field of toxicology and currently is an Adjunct Professor of Sociology at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, Michigan where she consults with graduate students and faculty on workers' illnesses.