The Salem Nuclear Plants use over 3 Billion gallons of Delaware Bay water every day for cooling, because they do NOT have a closed cooling system. (cooling towers) Billions of fish and other marine life are slaughtered every year, including millions of weakfish and other species.

The NJDEP is in the process of writing a new permit that will allow the Salem Nuclear Plants 5 more years of fish kills, instead of requiring that cooling towers be built, which is mandated by the Clean Water Act, section 316(b). Please clink on this Link (Fish Survey) and print , fill out and send in the survey. We need these surveys filled out so that we can present evidence from fishermen that the Salem Nuclear Plants are indeed harming the fish populations in the Delaware.

Please send this link or give a copy of the survey to anyone you know who is a fishermen.

Speakers from Stop The Salem Fish Slaughter are available to speak at any fishing club meeting. 

Stop The Salem Nukes Fish Slaughter Campaign

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