Fish Abundance Survey for the Delaware Estuary

To assess impacts of Salem Nuclear Generating Station

The results of this survey will be kept confidential, only shared with individuals outside the Delaware Riverkeeper Network in summarized form, unless specific written permission is obtained.

Anglers Name:___________________________Address:____________________________

   ___________________Phone & or E-Mail: ______________________________________

I have been fishing the Delaware Estuary (the Delaware Bay and River from Cape May/Cape Henlopen to Trenton/Morrisville, but not the brackish tributaries) since (give approximate year):______

I am a: (circle one) Commercial Fisherman 

                                 Recreational fisherman

How frequently do you fish the Estuary and in what locations?


What species of fish do you generally seek?________________________________________ 

 What species of fish do you generally catch? ______________________________________

Do you have any log books or notebooks that document your catch by species, measured or estimated size, and time and location of your catches? (circle one)       YES               NO

If you do have log books or notebooks, would you be willing to share copies with the Delaware Riverkeeper Network?(circle one)             YES                   NO

From approximately May of 1995 through 1997 the Salem Nuclear facility was shut down. During the period 1995 through 1997 did you catch more fish relative to the amount of effort you put into fishing (e.g. the amount of time per day. week or season spent fishing) than you had experienced in the past? 

(circle one)    YES        NO

If yes, what species of fish did you catch more of? __________________________________

In what locations did you experience this increase in catch? (provide location for each species listed above) __________________________________________________________


In what seasons did you experience this increase in catch?____________________________

During the period 1995 through 1997 were the fish you caught of a different size than experienced in the past?

(circle one)      YES             NO

Other than fish catch, during the period 1995 to 1997 did you notice any change in the quantity or size of fish in the Delaware Estuary? If yes, please describe these changes including species, location and season.______________________________________________________________________



Since the beginning of 1998 (which covers the period after Salem came back on line) have you noticed any size, quantity or location changes in your catch?______________________________________________________________________


What other changes, if any, have you noticed in the Estuary since 1995? ___________________________________________________________________________


Other comments? ____________________________________________________________


Please return form to:

Delaware Riverkeeper Network,  P.O. Box 326,  Washington Crossing, PA 18977 -  or fax it to us at  215-369-1181