Date: 04/03/02

TO:  Robert Fretz, NRC

From: Norm Cohen

Dear Bob,

     Attached is a copy of a letter I've faxed to Harry Keiser of PSEG.  In addition to asking NRC to follow up with PSEG on our letter, we have some specific requests for NRC:

(1) NRC's Inspector General should immediately investigate the entire matter of the nuclear plant plans found in Afghanistan.
(2) NRC should arrange a public meeting in Salem on security issues concerning Artificial Island.
(3) NRC should investigate and set rules for the outsourcing of employees and software as is being done by PSEG.
(4) NRC should arrange for myself and additional UNPLUG Salem members to be given the same briefing and tour as were the NJ Assemblypersons.


                                    Norm Cohen